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On 12 Years a Slave

While watching a documentary about the photographer Gordon Parks, I was surprised to learn that he had directed a film adaptation of Solomon Northrup’s Twelve Years a Slave… 992 more words

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Three Things I Learned at the National Black Writers Conference

A couple weeks ago, I wen to the The 12th Annual National Black Writers Conference at Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn.  The plan was to cover it for work and also use it as that week’s Artist Date. 734 more words


Things to Click...

This week is all about gender and sexuality! I know, what fun! I’m not sure why the things I found fascinating this week seemed to cluster around that topic, but they did. 320 more words

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Norishment or Poison?

Milk has been part of our diet since the Neolithic Revolution (10,000 BCE), when humans domesticated animals. The discussion about organic, raw, and genetically treated food is at its peak. 523 more words

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March 7 African American Historical Events

Today in Black History – March 7 *

1539 – The first person of African descent to traverse the southern
portion of, what is now, the United States is Estevanico, or… 728 more words

African American History

12 Years a Slave vs. the 1984 TV-Movie Version -- Vulture

Watching Steve McQueen’s widely acclaimed 12 Years a Slave, you may find yourself wondering why it took so long for someone to film Solomon Northup’s remarkable life story. 63 more words

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Showgirls at Work and at Play: Gordon Parks' Nightclub Portraits

In December 1958, right around Christmastime, LIFE magazine published a 200-page special issue on the glories and absurdities of American entertainment. Such special issues were not exactly rare — LIFE frequently ended the year with a double issue on a grand theme (“The Sea,” “The Bible,” “The Great Outdoors”) — but we’d like to take a moment here and note one article in particular from that 1958 issue, “Without the Girls, Show Biz Is No Biz,” and its extraordinary portraits of showgirls by LIFE photographer Gordon Parks. 133 more words

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