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The third wonder of the world - Petra.

They decided to make Petra the third wonder of the world over Abu Simbel, so I was interested to see why they thought it was better because Abu Simbel was amazing. 445 more words

New on 500px : guardian of the gorge by dgadventurespnw

one of the very seldom seen waterfalls in the gorge. i would bet less than 20 people a year visit this? it is a brutal trek to get here, maybe more so than devils’ staircase. 20 more words

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Gorge-ous, dinner and the importance of doing good

Getting up early to go walk in the gorge and see the amazing views before the day got hot.
Going out for a nice dinner to celebrate the last day of our holiday. 6 more words

Man falls into 60-foot gorge, doesn't die

Twenty-two-year-old Tim Mazurczak, fell off a 60-something-foot cliff on the evening of Dec. 14, and all he got was a fine and some mud on his clothes. 86 more words

A Day in Taroko Gorge

I was fortunate enough to have a full day to explore Taroko Gorge on Sunday after my half marathon the day before, although I wish I could have spent a couple of days here. 843 more words