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The Generic MP3 Player Shuffle Game - 17/12/2014

‘ So much of  life, it seems to me, is determined by pure randomness’ – Sidney Poitier

If you’ve never played the generic MP3 player shuffle game you really should! 110 more words


James Blake - Feel Good Inc. (Remix)

Have you heard the new James Blake remix of the Gorillaz’s, ‘Feel Good Inc.‘? No? Well maybe that’s for the best, as it seems that our 2013 Mercury Prize Winner has blown us out of the water with his fresh frenzied remix, and not in a good way. 227 more words

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Digital Art

Noodle – Dare Storyboard (Updated Version) – Dec 10, 2014

La versión anterior del 16 de Marzo del 2013 ( Noodle-Dare Storyboard-FanArt ) fué creo que el primer dibujo digital de un Storyboard de Gorillaz que hice, sin embargo, se puede ver que hay una gran diferencia entre éste dibujo y el otro, la calidad, resolución, forma de colorear, contornos, blah blah .. 42 more words



Lunacre – Glass House

Cambridge band Lunacre have just put out their third track ahead of a show at Dalston’s Servant Jazz Quarters on the 17th December, and it’s a dizzying amalgamation of electro-acoustic splendour.  124 more words

Rcrd Card

Music For Your Monday #2 - December 8th, 2014

Welcome to another Music For Your Monday, where this week we spend some time in New Mexico (Where we may or may not be cooking some meth) and we have a featured image of yet another form of Media starring Zach Braff (I love… 978 more words


My top six album releases of 2014

Let’s start this by talking about how BuzzFeed changed the freaking game when it comes to formulating lists. Before BuzzFeed, lists could only end in a zero or five. 811 more words


adorn me some more

Over the past few weeks in jewelry class, my confidence and skill has improved to the point where I am comfortable enough to attempt more complex designs like these. 207 more words

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