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A glow of yellow among the fading hillside colours. Afternoon walk.


Daily Flower Candy - Cuscuta epithymum

If you’ve ever passed a gorse bush on a cliff top or heath and wondered why it’s covered in something resembling a blanket woven from strawberry bootlaces, then you’ve encountered one of Britain’s most curious plants, … 159 more words


Blues on the heath!

The hills and mountains of of Galicia in north-west Spain are covered in heather and gorse which flower from late summer into autumn.  The heather and gorse are alive with insects (and spiders!) including an array of small blues.   609 more words

Nature Notes

Gorse Journal Issue 2

in it’s short life to date Gorse has emerged as among the most vital and outward-looking of Irish literary journals.  It manages to partake in a truly European artistic tradition while maintaining a distinctively Irish flavour. 65 more words

New Zealand: Day 25

Only two words necessary to sum up today: Gorse and Sanding.

Actually, I did take a walk down to the river this morning. At the bottom of the hill, just before the river, there were two groups of paradise shelducks: one had two and the other had three. 172 more words

New Zealand

The Fourth Man

‘We are moving across the landscape in a morning dream, a grey-green misted landscape punctuated by churches and palaces. The spires look gothic, Romanesque then eastern, a reminder that the Ottomans were once at the gates and stayed in the sense that an absence can become a presence. 162 more words

New Zealand: Day 22

I had a solid day of cutting back New Zealand’s most invasive plant, Gorse. Gorse sucks. To give you an idea of what I was up against, here’s a quote from Wikipedia, “Gorse became New Zealand’s most costly weed to control and total eradication with current technology seems impossible.” Armed with loppers and a weed killer with the viscosity of snot, I did my best to aid in the national war against this heinous invader. 173 more words