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Gory Makeup!

It’s amazing what looks you can create with the right makeup!


Macabre (2009)

Director: The Mo Brothers

Stars: Shareefa Daanish, Julie Estelle, Ario Bayu

Macabre by name…

I’d never seen an Indonesian film before I watched this, and the last film I’d expect from there is some gory horror film as I know they’re a very conservative country who even reject Lady Gaga! 682 more words

Ms. Kor

“Ms. Kor?”

Ray stood in the verandah inspecting the ruins of the once majestic house in front of him.

2B/ 29, the nameplate read, in moss covered bronze lettering. 1,608 more words

Movie Review - Darkness Descends

An intrepid journalist makes her way through New York’s underworld, travelling through the tunnels beneath the streets to hear the stories of the people who live there. 278 more words

Beth's TV

The Merciless by Danielle Vega

Cover:  This is an interesting cover. I like that it has no dust jacket. I also like the obscurity of this cover. It is pink with a pentagram, so, it left me wondering what the heck this book would be about. 426 more words

Hellbinders (2009)

Date Watched: 6/19/14

Starring: Darth Maul


A supernatural battle for souls plays out on the streets with lots of guns and knives. (From IMDB) 185 more words

Bad Movies

Tamara (2005)


Date Watched: 4/24/14

Starring: No One


Tamara is a girl who didn’t quite fit in. Tamara is constantly picked on and when a couple of friends plays a joke on Tamara, it leads to her death. 245 more words