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Columbus, Georgia...The next Gosnell?

Columbus, Georgia is about to make headline news and I am begging someone to listen before a Gosnell like story is thrown into all of our living rooms on the evening news with Columbus Women’s Health Organization on Rosemont Drive as the backdrop. 772 more words

Gosnell Movie Update

From the producers of the movie about America’s most prolific serial murderer , this video is worth a minute of anyone’s time.

Kickstarter tried to block the fundraising.


America's Most Prolific Serial Killer Granted Anonymity


Gosnell butchered his way through a stack of lives, in public view, but most media organizations in the USA selectively ignored the trial.

So this movie is important .


I Use To Believe In Magic

I use to believe in magic.

Not black magic.

Not Disney.

Not the amazing magical world of Harry Potter.

No, I used to believe in the magic of abortion. 1,978 more words


Movie about abortionist Kermit Gosnell

More information and the page on which one can donate for the making of it is here.