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Gospel vs. Legalism

What is the difference between legalism and the gospel?

  • Legalism (or Moralism) says God looks at how well we keep the law.
  • The Gospel says we are hidden in Christ.
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Gospel-Centered Singleness (pt 2).

It was a rainy Wednesday night. My roommates and I sat in our kitchen, in our PJ’s. Our home was filled with shouts of AMEN and PREACH IT GIRL. 932 more words

Being Single

Preaching the Gospel to Ourselves Each and Every Day

C.J. Mahaney reminds us of the importance and benefits of preaching the gospel to ourselves each and every day.

Spiritual Formation

Why God Laughs At The Lazy

Growing up, I thought that the Bible was a humorless, religious book. It was about God, and in my mind, God wasn’t very funny. But once I began to seriously read and study the Bible, I learned that it is full of humor and wit, and usually, this humor is derived at someone else’s expense. 924 more words


Gospel-Centered Singleness (pt 1).

What is wrong with me?

These are the words that I’ve sung myself asleep to… over, and over, and over again. A twisted sort of mantra, failing to be silenced by my own will. 400 more words

Being Single

Grace For Spiritual Sociopaths

There Is Something Very Wrong With Me

How did I come to this realization?

While reading J.I. Packer’s Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God, I came across words that hit me so hard that it felt like my soul needed crutches: 1,906 more words


Gospel Wakefulness

One of the more helpful works I have read concerning gospel-centered Christianity is Jared Wilson‘s Gospel Wakefulness.  Perhaps most insightful to me was Jared’s point that gospel-centeredness can be explained but cannot be taught.  89 more words

Spiritual Formation