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Death by Doctrine

Doctrine… What an outdated term! At least that’s how most people feel. Hearing the word “doctrine” produces images of tired, old theologians studying ancient, dust-laden books in a decrepit library far from society. 203 more words


Gospel Centered Discipleship by Jonathan Dodson

As we turn our focus to sacrificially investing through intentional discipleship, there is one resource that I highly recommend. This past summer, we did a book study on Gospel Centered Discipleship by Jonathan Dodson. 42 more words


3 Quick Healthy Marriage Tips

Communication in marriage can be a daunting topic to tackle whether in your own marriage or others; but it is a vital part of a healthy and gospel-centered marriage. 717 more words


False Dichotomies of Discipleship

For the next four weeks, we are shifting our attention toward intentional discipleship. Rather than reflecting upon Scripture as I normally do, I will be considering some of the insights I’ve gleaned from Jonathan Dodson’s Fight Clubs as well as his more extended version Gospel-Centered Discipleship. 261 more words


The Hive Church's Core Values

Me: “Do you know our core values?”
A Leader at The Hive Church: “Uh, Jesus, Gospel, Discipleship…I’m sorry man, I don’t know exactly the way we have it worded.” 633 more words


Let's Have a Warm GCYM Welcome for Trent Lewis

It was nearly a year ago now that the three of us that have comprised the GCYM team started this website. We weren’t really sure what would come of it when we decided to give it a shot. 483 more words