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The Good Shepherd was a pagan symbol

A picture of Jesus carrying a lamb across his shoulders is among one of the most central images of the Christian faith. It depicts Jesus as the Good Shepherd and reminds us that this shepherd has given his life for the herd. 222 more words

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The powerful, permanent work of the cross

The cross is the great sign, the reality from which every other sign becomes like a shadow, outlining that reality but lacking its complete form. The hour of Jesus brings a work that has eternal consequences. 6 more words

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The incredible power of the crucifixion

The irony of Jesus’ crucifixion is often lost in a couple of poorly translated words. We often just don’t know what to do with the words in that context, so it ends up being that Jesus was crucified with a couple of thieves. 52 more words

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The Testimony of the Trinity in Motion

This week’s message by Paul Stuaffer is from John Chapter 5. Listen as Paul shares from the Word …


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John The Baptist's Testimony About Jesus

Our text today is found in John 3:22–36

In this passage, we are going to witness an episode which will require John the Baptist to comment upon Jesus. 1,168 more words

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The long awaited guest: John 1:29-34


Have you ever been excited about something? Maybe it is an event or getting to see a person you have not seen in a long time. 664 more words