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Learn more about these two Non-Profit Organizations called Ceraphin Music Records and Ceraphin News Magazine Us, find out they roles?

Ceraphin Music Records & Ceraphin News Magazine Us

- Questions: What’s the difference between Ceraphin Music Records and Ceraphin News Magazine US?

- Answers: Ceraphin Music Records is an independent team based on Music and Ceraphin News Magazine Us is for online promotions and Magazine Publicity and others. 10 more words

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Werley Nortreus said he's not worry about the people who don't like him because he got so many important things to worry about, learn more about what's is happening right now !

- News Reports: Based on google research, the web said that Werley Nortreus is known as a Singer-Songwriter and Author of the book of (Invite Jesus into your life), the fact is his book is available everywhere online as you guyz can go look to see, of course he’ll have haters because he’s getting famous now. 313 more words

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Christian Singer and Author of the book of Invite Jesus Into Your Life Werley Nortreus is saving thousands and thousands of souls worldwide for Jesus-Christ, learn more about his Ministry and how his book starts saving souls when it starts reaching a lot of people

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- Facts: Werley Nortreus is a Christian Singer and Author from Haiti, he’s the Author of the book called Invite Jesus Into Your Life, his book is saving a lot of people souls, Werley Nortreus never give up on God because he said he was choosing by God to preach the truth to people around the world, his goals is to promote the real Gospel everywhere so people’s eyes can open to the truth. 116 more words

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