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Luke 17:20-21 -- Seeing God's kingdom

Well, I’m back from vacation.  And straight into one of the more difficult passages to interpret.

The Pharisees came to Jesus asking when God’s kingdom would come.  326 more words


Another jaw-dropping, head-shaking comment by a so-called "Christian"

Social and political commentator Ann Coulter strikes again, saying expressing any sort of compassion for the Central American and

Mexican refugees are “moral show offs” and thus not true Christians (see story below). 1,934 more words

153 Fish: Christian Apologists Say the Dumbest Things

One of the strangest and most interesting passages in the New Testament occurs in the Gospel of John, Chapter 21.  It has to do with Jesus appearing to the disciples (including Peter) after his resurrection.   726 more words


Cleansing the Temple

Note: This piece deals with a story from the Christian Bible. The opinions will therefore be discussed in a Christian context, using the appropriate imagery and language. 1,126 more words

Why Doesn't Paul Quote Jesus? (While Every Other "Early" Christian Writer Does)

Theoretically, it isn’t necessary to argue with Christian apologists about the historicity of Jesus, because their position is self-refuting. They base the reliability of the Gospels upon their supposed early date, or the early date of their ‘sources’, yet they also claim that Paul was writing too early to be aware of any written Gospels, which is why he never corroborates any of the stories from them. 1,176 more words

Early Christianity: Internal Sources

The More Abundant Life Of Sheep. Part Four: You Got Two Good Eyes And You Still Can't See!

The fairy-tale known as the Modern Christian Church in America has been deceived by the teachings of Napoleon Hill from his absurdly titled book Think and Grow Rich… 1,653 more words


This Very Moment. Luke 23:42-43.

According to Luke’s gospel (23:42-43), the thief who was crucified with Jesus said to him, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” He replied, “Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in Paradise.” 2,377 more words