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The Easter Story

Now we all know about the Easter story in one form or another, but I wanted to stay true to all of the Biblical accounts, to really get a grasp of what… 517 more words

Passiontide (II)

Were you there when He crawled atop skull hill,
Driven by big bad Romans as a lamb,
Condemned and cursed by sons of Abraham
Who, for perjury, returned a true bill? 72 more words

The Christian Year

Infographic: Taking Easter Seriously

Many Christians read the Easter stories year upon year, as I did for several decades, yet we never compare them in detail. As a consequence, we often do not realize that they are not telling the same story. 276 more words


The Walking Dead

Since it’s Easter, I have some open questions for my evangelical Christian friends about a puzzling passage from Matthew 27:45-54. Here it is in context: 745 more words


Matthew 9:35-38 -- Seeing the harvest

Lots of things to see in this passage.

Jesus went.  He went out to preach the good news, to touch, and to heal those who were hurting. 391 more words


The Gospel According to Reza Aslan (Part III)

More than a Zealot

In my previous post in this matter, I reviewed the documentation available in what concerns the existence of Jesus and determined that the hypothetical existence of ‘Q’ gives us an insight into the philosophical and political views (very few and far between) of Jesus of Nazareth, and this very closely to Jesus’ own life and death. 972 more words

The Introductions to The Passion of the Christ

The gospels have been described by one 19th century German theologian as “passion narratives with long introductions”.  The good news that Christians had to tell–indeed the only news they had to tell–was not that Jesus was a moralist, or a miracle worker, or pro-life, or told some nifty stories.   101 more words