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the sassy emoji and/is ME

Hate to break it to you all, but the sassy emoji and I are pretty much inseparable.

She’s always numero uno in my most used category. 315 more words


Steal her Style: Blake Lively

Hey Guys,

The recent news of Blake Lively’s pregnancy got me thinking about that wonderful wardrobe of hers. The woman is the ultimate inspiration when it comes to dressing for your shape. 90 more words


Summer interview outfits

A job search can be daunting, particularly after years cooped up in a college fashion bubble. It can be difficult to figure out what is appropriate versus what makes you look old and dull. 122 more words


4 TV series every teenage girl NEEDS to see

Teenage years are the best years of your life with very little to consider its the easiest period of living. Teenagers can relate to most things and we can all agree. 358 more words


Betrayals a bitter pill to swallow but nothings worse then having blackmail shoved down your throat.


Why Do We Get So Obsessed With TV Shows?

I am currently sitting in the same room as my mother who is watching The Bold and the Beautiful. 329 more words