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One Secret I'll Never Tell

This is the end. Not of my life, or my emotional stability, but of my ability to keep quiet. As someone with the amount of friends that enables to count them on one hand, I decided it’s time to share my secrets to anyone who will listen (or read). 108 more words

sweetest addiction

To watch Gossip Girl without eating macarons and enjoying a nice beverage should be a sin. 

Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl Themed Party.

Someone requested this and since planning parties is one of favorite things to do I decided to do it. Honestly I don’t watch the show so that’ll be the reason for some inaccurate things but if you watch the show you’ll know what I meant. 905 more words


Chuck Bass - Style Icon (Julio)

Por primera vez en nuestra lista de íconos de estilo quisimos incluir a un personaje ficticio que muchos recuerdan por su manera de vestir aunque no hayan visto la serie Gossip Girl (2007-2012). 218 more words

El Salvador

Gossip Girl: Episode 18

What better way to end Season One of Gossip Girl than with the Bass wedding? Two people with drama-filled lives come together to create…more drama. And what would… 211 more words

Gossip Girl

these are my obsessions

it’s nearing the end of my project so to say i’ve had a little downtime during the day is quite the understatement. as a result of this, my bank account is suffering and my apartment is bursting at the seams. 236 more words