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Hi My Name is Sammi, and I'm Addicted to Netflix.

Like a bull to a matador’s cape, it draws me in.

Those seven red letters represent each of the seven deadly sins. Every one of my guilty pleasures can be fulfilled in this land of milk, honey, and booze. 267 more words

A little about me...

My life long dream has been to be….Blair Waldorf…Tyra Banks…Audrey Hepburn

But why? Because they are powerful, talented, respected and beautiful women

When I discovered the world of fashion and makeup, I felt like there was a possibility I could become like these women and I want to share this gift with others… 32 more words

Audrey Hepburn

The Return of the Suspenders: Trendy or Outdated?

The Return of the Suspenders: Trendy or Outdated?

By Shannon Fahy

When someone asks me whether a fashion trend is returning to the scene, I’m always going to have the same answer. 602 more words


What is GC?

What exactly is Girl Code and does it still exists? If you’re scratching your head 😳; this is the right place for you👌. Girl code has become almost as mythical as a Unicorn & it shouldn’t be. 305 more words

You know you love me, xoxo

This post has been a long time in the making in my mind. I wanted to wait for “back to school” and then life happened and I haven’t had time to dedicate that I thought this post required until now. 356 more words

Outfit Inspiration

OOTD: Channelling My Inner Blair Waldorf

I thought I would dedicate my first Outfit of the Day post to my favourite Gossip Girl character. I just recently finished watching GG and although Serena was meant to be the fashion icon of the upper east side, I was always partial to Blair; I really loved the class and sophistication of her wardrobe. 101 more words


6 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Gossip Girl

  1. Strictly speaking, the show contains more hearsay than gossip.

  2. While the show is supposedly set on the Upper West Side of New York, the St. Louis Arch is clearly visible in several scenes.

  3. 70 more words