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It doesn't make me nervous, if anything I'm restless

I got to thinking lately.. and I wonder.. what if there would be someone else? And ration keeps kicking my heart telling it it’ll be over for good then, but you know what? 365 more words

'Gossip Girl' Reunion: Is It Happening? -- Ed Westwick Interview

It’s been exactly two years since we said goodbye to ‘Gossip Girl’. Needless to say, we’re missing our Upper East Siders. HollywoodLife.com spoke EXCLUSIVELY to Ed Westwick aka Chuck Bass, and he revealed whether or not a reunion is in the foreseeable future! 370 more words

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I have no idea who I am anymore.

I’ve totally changed and as proof, you can read few of my very first posts here on this blog, and compare it with this one because you will likely not believe that only one person wrote them. 445 more words

Season 1 : Episode 1 - Pilot

I think it is fair to say that a major function of television is escape from one’s own life. Of course, if there are actual problems that need handling, this is not always a good strategy to fall back on… hard… every day. 839 more words

Because Moving Pictures Are So Mesmerizing.

The coolest girls on teen television

When you think of teen television, you often think of the main characters (often beautiful & blonde) – Buffy Summers. Serena van der Woodsen. Veronica Mars. 326 more words


My three ships


Today I will take about my three favorite ships and if you are a fangirl you definitely know what I’m talking about. I keep my favorite couples in the healthy corner where they can’t take over my life and make me go crazy. 223 more words


Leighton Meester "Heartstrings"

Upper East Side princess turned pop princess Leighton Meester makes her splash into the music realm with the debut of her new album “Heartstrings”. Formerly and popularly known on the CW hit series… 475 more words