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Ghetto Gothic Is Neither Gothic Or Original, So Get Over It.

Just this morning I read this stupid article on Vice about how black subcultures, particularly Ghetto Gothic, are being appropriated from the people who created it. 396 more words


Dirty Hands

By Ouvert! It’s different, it’s edge, it’s funky! Yea it’s so Star Fashion!


New Toys!

Just received a new order of cabochons. Can’t wait to see what they turn into!

Murdered Soul Survivor

Play as a ghost detective solve you own murder in Salem Massachusetts. These are all cool aspects of a game I have been looking forward too for a few months. 330 more words


Mystic Farewell

vine flowed all over
like fragrance,
beneath the shirt,
he’s the love,
stiff-necks, a total haste,
rose is more sweet,
the pile odor,
tweets, divine, 381 more words

That Face

strange days has come again,
perfect to cast the spell,
where the galaxies dwell,
upon the blue horizon,
the pain prevails,
torture is what you fell, 420 more words

This girl of the night...

For the past few weeks I’ve contemplated starting my own blog. The reason I didn’t want to, was because I didn’t know what aspect of my life I’d write about – My career, my studies, my hobbies… The list goes on. 648 more words

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