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Today is very humid, and I am not exactly looking forward to the rest of the week/year/century. Despite, or perhaps because of that, today seems like a very good day for pop punk. 99 more words

Naming the Dino

Over the weekend, I went to the first ever presentation of Dreadnoughtus at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia.

Dreadnoughtus is the largest discovered dinosaur, pieced together locally in Philly (a new claim to fame that isn’t bad sportsmanship and cheez-wiz-coated sliced meat!!). 570 more words

You're my Favorite Thing

First things first:

The concert, which I have talked about to such a degree that everyone in the office asked me about it almost as soon as I got in this morning, was perfect. 438 more words

Banned Books Week 2014!

Next week, September 21-27, is the annual Banned Books week, a celebration of the books and authors that have been repeatedly banned or censored throughout the US and the world. 139 more words

Humpday Odds and Ends

This week has so far felt very long, which is unfortunate as it is only Wednesday- still plenty of time for things to get incrementally worse. 292 more words

My Grandmother's Hip

Now that is definitely a title my old college professors would scrutinize.

“Do you think anyone will want to read such a story?”

“I’ve been up since 5:20; let’s not be too harsh now.” 537 more words

this post uses a lot of caps lock


Yesterday after class and  a few more beers that were probably necessary, I finally broke down and spent $60.00 to buy a ticket to see the older, grayer, reunited version of my favorite band The Replacements in Queens. 190 more words