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The Agony and Ecstasy of Rewrites

In addition to other fun things, like dealing with the raccoon infestation in my backyard, class assignments, and a lingering case of food poisoning (don’t even ask), I have also had a lot of rewriting to do recently. 824 more words

General Rant on Books

It’s true what writers say, you know.

First business of the day: Our stories are our babies.

And, that being said, it’s extremely inappropriate to always bug us to see our writing. 808 more words

Stop (in the name of love)

A list of reasons why you should never tell a writer what to write about:

1) Just don’t do it.

2) See above.

With Nanowrimo rising up on the horizon–or is it more accurate to say Nanowrimo is collapsing down upon us all like a poisonous fog?–I’m beginning to feel the pressure. 706 more words

The Impending Struggle of Nanowrimo

I remember the first time my college roommate mentioned Nanowrimo.

It was like the time in third grade when my teacher gave us a bonus spelling word on our spelling test, and everyone was like “aha! 475 more words

Secretly Hating the Classics

Being that I am both an English major in school and an avid reader in life, I have read many books that are generally considered to be the literary “classics”- books that appear on “ 637 more words

The language of music

Over the weekend, I went to a concert here in NYC.

The concert was for a band called B1A4.

This band just so happens to be a Korean pop band. 599 more words

"If you can't wear a kilt in NYC--"

“where can you tbh?” I write in my little blue notebook provided by Gotham Writers.

I’m sitting at Starbucks, hands curled around a Skinny Vanilla Latte without the little cardboard heat absorbing  580 more words