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Banned Books Week 2014!

Next week, September 21-27, is the annual Banned Books week, a celebration of the books and authors that have been repeatedly banned or censored throughout the US and the world. 135 more words

Humpday Odds and Ends

This week has so far felt very long, which is unfortunate as it is only Wednesday- still plenty of time for things to get incrementally worse. 292 more words

My Grandmother's Hip

Now that is definitely a title my old college professors would scrutinize.

“Do you think anyone will want to read such a story?”

“I’ve been up since 5:20; let’s not be too harsh now.” 537 more words

this post uses a lot of caps lock


Yesterday after class and  a few more beers that were probably necessary, I finally broke down and spent $60.00 to buy a ticket to see the older, grayer, reunited version of my favorite band The Replacements in Queens. 190 more words

This is How You Lose Her

“And that’s when I know it’s over. As soon as you start thinking about the beginning, it’s the end.”

This morning, for reasons that I don’t really remember, we were discussing Junot Diaz in the office. 354 more words

It doesn't stop

On the bus to work the other day, we passed a flaming car. Not too far from the Lincoln Tunnel, either. 

I snapchatted the image to a few friends with the caption: “car on fire????”  276 more words

Introductions Are Hard

Hello! I am Allyson, the New Jersey faction of the new, Fall 2014 Gotham Interns. I’m not really sure what to do for an intro here so I’m just gonna spout out some random facts. 435 more words