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The Name of the Fiend

Have you ever accidently or intentionally used the name Frankenstein when referring to Frankenstein’s monster? I bet some nerd immediately emerged from the woodwork to correct you, pushing their glasses up the bridge of their nose before saying something like, “Actually, the name Frankenstein refers only to Victor Frankenstein, the creator of the monster. 1,395 more words

Five Days Act III


September 11th 2013, 2:00 pm, My Apartment

I had a dream earlier today.
I was inside Gregory’s cell at the asylum. I was in my orderly uniform and Gregory sat on his bed across from me. 1,848 more words


The Vampire of Arkyne: Chapter Fourteen - Threshold

Chapter Fourteen – Threshold

In his darkened bedroom, Henri twisted and turned, his closed eyelids flickering rapidly. Behind them, red blood pooled his vision; filled with a ravenous hunger that could not be sated… 2,072 more words

Vampire Of Arkyne

Bringing me Dreams Reaches The 50% Mark!

I’ve done it! The first half of draft one is complete! Well, the first half of having it actually turn out novella length I should say. 211 more words


The Poe Novella Gets A Tentative Name!

Yes, two update posts in one night. I must be on a roll or something of the sort, or you know I’m taking the weekend off from original writing to do some fanfic related stuff. 274 more words


The Mist in the Mirror - Susan Hill (Book Review)

Title – The Mist In The Mirror

Author – Susan Hill

Summary –

One night a young man, having supper in his private club and carrying on with his friends of the existence of a ghost on the club’s grounds is asked by one of the elder statesmen the following question: 507 more words

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