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Illustrations For My Novel - Chapter XXV - Sexy Zoé - August 2014

I’m back with new illustrations for my novel online… depicting main female character, Zoé. I hope reader’s perception of this character is changing. ‘Cause Zoé is changing. 255 more words


So, You Want to be a Goth (Goth Fashion Basics)

Everyone thinks that to be a goth you have to spend your life being depressed and writing poetry by candlelight. While I will admit that I do enjoy writing poetry by candlelight most goths don’t. 591 more words


Lolita 52 Week Challenge - Week 34

Week Thirty-Four:  Wardrobe Blunders! Things I Bought That I Ended Up Regretting!

This week, I have four items to submit for “wardrobe blunders.”

Item Number One:  White Shoes… 426 more words

Anime Discovery II: Le Portrait de Petit COSSETTE - #119

Once again, I entered the strange and surreal world of director Akiyuki Shinbo and I continue to find the answer to this obvious question. Did he smoke too much weed when he’s directing anime? 978 more words


Lolita 52 Week Challenge - Week 33

Week Thirty-Three:  Something That I Made

As I am still sitting on the Turquoise skirt I am working on (maybe I will finish it today), I am going to go with my Peacock skirt. 354 more words

Taobao Order - Infanta and R-Series

As I mentioned a few days ago, the group order I entered into at the beginning of the year finally came in, and I received the items at the MegaMeet on Saturday.  464 more words

MegaMeet 2014

This post may not be written as well as I would like.  I am tired, and distracted by a movie at the moment, but I will make sure to hit on the key points. 578 more words