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ClobbaOnline and Infanta review - Positive

As promised, here follows the review of my other order (which came the day after my Bodyline stuff)! I ordered Infanta’s Dark Magic Party JSK and the matching headbow from ClobbaOnline. 1,012 more words

The third Bodyline review - Positive!

Hi again frillies! It’s not been toooo long since my last post, thankfully :) I actually got two packages of new lolita things one day after the other – I’m splitting them into two posts, so this one will be for my third Bodyline order, and the other will be about my Clobba/Infanta order. 524 more words

Illustration For my Novel - Chapter XVIII - A Strange Encounter

I chose to post this drawing separately… I particularly like main female character, Zoé. And once more, she has a strange encounter as she’s coming back home… She sees the reflect of a strange visitor looking at her with glowing eyes, in the glass of her door… Freaky, isn’t it? 90 more words


So you want to be a Gothic Lolita? (Quick basics for your first outfit)

So you want to start wearing the Gothic Lolita fashion? Then this post is for you. Lets start:

What is Gothic Lolita?

Gothic Lolita is a sub-style of the… 2,058 more words


Brilliant Star Decoration 6

Hello dear readers! How are you?

You may remember that some time previously I appeared as a model at Brilliant Star Decorations in Sanrio Puroland… 116 more words


Merry Meet!

Hello all!
Work has been keeping me VERY busy these last few weeks but this Saturday I managed to drive to Richmond for a lovely Lolita meet up! 349 more words

Beautiful Lolita Cartoon Images - Share Them If You Like Them

As a Lolita fashion lover, I think most of us also like the related cartoon images, they are so kawaii and sometimes they will help us get inspiration^-^. 85 more words