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New Mabel Blouse!

Happy New Year and new designs! Our “Mabel” blouse is the second new design of 2015 and one of my favorite Gloomth blouses so far. 58 more words

Unpurposely Modest

For the most part, I would have to say I’ve been modestly modest throughout the life of me; possibly due to my upbringing and generation, but it was never a considering factor. 306 more words


New Frost Flower Jumperskirt

Our first new designs of 2015 are here!!!! The first to introduce is our “Frost Flower” jumperskirt. Inspired by a winter’s night, it’s pale and ghostly with intricate blue roses and green vines printed throughout. 58 more words

LBC: How I've Changed In Lolita Over The Last Year

How have I changed in lolita during 2014…? I’m not quite sure at the moment, but let’s take a look at my style throughout the year. 815 more words


Yousei Teikoku - Hades: The other world Album Review

I am currently in the process of migrating over to a new hosting platform, where I have started a new blog. For now, I will release my posts both here and on the new domain, but soon I will only post over there. 654 more words