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The Sad Story of my Drying Out-C

The third slice—and this time it was an enormous one where the American morals cut me down.

I was imprisoned in 1918—I had committed the terrible crime of being born into this world as a German. 946 more words

The Wicked Nun-D

The dark mouth of a passageway lay behind it. I wanted to plunge inside, but that archivist held me back.

“Patience, first we have to test whether the air inside is breathable.” 2,078 more words


Ch8-B Wolf Gontram

“That must be nice!” growled little Manasse as he sat in the park with the Legal Councilor and his son listening to a concert. “If she doesn’t turn back around soon her neck will really hurt!” 1,543 more words

Today's Art (21st August 2014)

Although today’s painting started out fairly well, my mind went completely blank when it came to what to draw for the background – so I eventually ended up using a fairly generic gothic city. 19 more words


Art Analysis - The Pantheon vs. Amiens Cathedral

It’s been a long time since my last post. Mostly because I have been drowning in college courses. I am FINALLY finishing up my business administration degree! 94 more words


Gas Mask Glory

There’s just something about gas masks, isn’t there? Every since I was taken around those old, dusty museums as a school kid, those that smelt like death and had a 1940’s war-time song on repeat as you wandered through the dark, damp halls – I’ve been obsessed. 191 more words

Feeling Gothic ^_^


My own little design of a gothic inspired modern look using my polyvore account :)