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How I found my favourite film

My favourite film came to me by sheer chance. I was off school with painful tonsillitis being looked after by my Nana and feeling sorry for myself. 336 more words


The Death of My True Love

As the blood from your heart drips down your skin,
It shows of the death my true love has had,
My heart begins to crack from the pain that lies within, 120 more words

Agla Alchemy Gothic Pewter Talisman Ring

Five magical talismans of protection and profit, from Alchemy Gothic. The central Kabbalistic sigil is ‘Agla’, which stands for ‘Thou art mighty forever, O Lord.’ The remaining for seals are for love, memory, safety, and peace. 6 more words

Gothic Inspired Moodboard

Mood boards are a great way to brainstorm your ideas and inspirations. It is a useful tool for designers to develop design concepts, This Mood board is a creation of my inspiration from a gothic colour palette and trends as a part of a styling project.

Fashion And Style


I really need to focus on schoolwork, or Spadille, because I’m getting whiplash from trying to think and rethink everything about Larkspur. I think I’ve left the text alone, but every time I load it up I want to make small tweaks. 328 more words