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My feet stride lightly upon the morning stones of the old way that I have so often traveled up through the sacred groves at Alhambra. I long for that vast world behind the jeweled gate where time flies. 1,164 more words

The History of the Young Man with Spectacles (part 1/3)

From the filthy and obscure lodging, situated, I verily believe, in one of the foulest slums of Clerkenwell, I indite this history of a life which, daily threatened, cannot last for very much longer. 1,807 more words


How to Throw a Gothic Holiday Party

It’s the holiday season, and though the world seems filled with annoying music, tacky colors, and garish everything- it’s still a great time to celebrate with those you love! 827 more words

Portuguese Gardens: Monastic Reserve at AlcobaƧa

This last ‘garden’ from our recent trip to Portugal, is a bit of a cheat. The main attraction is the gothic splendour of the monastery and associated cathedral, but there are some wonderful outdoor spaces too, so I think its worth sharing. 418 more words