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Saturday specials, 4/19!

Saturday! And it’s beautiful! So how’s about you let us cook for you?

Entree special: herbed and roasted hand trimmed beef strip loin, served with jalapeño pesto, roasted local potatoes, Brussels sprouts, farmer johns smoked Gouda and sarvecchio. 49 more words

Exam 1 / cheese thoughts

Your first exam will occur in class on Tuesday, 4 March 2014. It will cover all the material we’ve done from chapters 1 and 2, including material from today’s lecture. 257 more words


Nosh boards: classic, rustic and really good

Nibble. Snack. Graze.

All of these verbs are euphemisms for one word – nosh.

We all like to nosh. In fact noshing is among my favorite pastimes. 376 more words

The Vegetarian Innovation

Our apartment is prone to hosting a lot of guests, to the point where we have an Excel file of places to eat and sights to see for any of our friends that come to stay. 263 more words

Main Event

Seguimos explorando Holanda...

El domingo 30 de marzo, mi querida Jesly sumaba un año más de vida, y para celebrarlo mientras ella descansaba, me fui a correr! Una corrida interesante ya que podía hacerlo en las pistas de bicicleta que recorren toda la ciudad. 446 more words

Pears and Gouda Two Ways

Pears and Gouda Two Ways

Pears and plums are my two favorite non-berry fruits.   (A case can also be made for avocado, but that’s a fruit in its own category.)  At any rate, after the complexities in the last post, I decided to go simple, and really wanted to savor pears and Gouda cheese together. 356 more words


Fromage Friday: Devon Oke

Celebrities making cheese is nothing new. Alex James turned his back on the rock lifestyle to give his name to a range of award-winning cheeses before courting controversy by launching a range of cheddars blended with salad cream, tomato ketchup and tikka masala (not altogether, I hasten to add) and a ‘pouring cheese’ called Spudsworthy. 538 more words