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Smoked Gouda and Caramelized Onion Quesadillas

I’ve treasured this appetizer for 15 years, ever since my husband’s high school buddy and trained chef David prepared these extra-ordinary quesadillas for us at his house party.   252 more words

Super Bowl Appetizers

Episode 25: “IN: To the Other Side of Paradise -- THIS SIDE OF JUSTICE”

“Maybe if you see my face, you’ll change your mind about the mission.”

In our penultimate episode, we reach a kind of climax, where the Major and the audience finally understand Kuze’s ultimate aims. 1,898 more words

Ghost In The Shell

Episode 24: “IN: Aerial Bombing of Dejima -- NUCLEAR POWER”

“…people who wish to reset the world.”

And again, the bridge comes down. The tanks fall down on each other like the Brontosauruses in Peter Jackson’s… 1,461 more words

Ghost In The Shell


Gouda (pronounced Gow-dah in Hebrew) is a creamy, yellow, somewhat strongly flavored cheese.  It reminds me of cheddar, but not as sharp and a little saltier.  221 more words

Cow's Milk

Episode 23: “IN: The Day the Bridge Falls -- MARTIAL LAW”

“I can’t have people like you die.”

During another cabinet meeting, Kayabuki’s favorite part of the day, am I right, she sees the message scrawled on the nuclear bomb in a photo from the scene. 2,114 more words

Ghost In The Shell

Dinner and a Dairyere

Clockwise from top: Dairyere, Silhouette, Hooligan, and Wilde Weide

Yesterday we invited some friends over for a small dinner and started the evening off with a cheese plate. 225 more words


Episode 22: “DU: Abandoned City -- REVERSAL PROCESS”

“The fabrication of a mediator that’ll give rise to copycats…”

It’s ten o’clock on an empty subway platform. This may just be the beginning of some kind of revisionist Leone revisionist western. 1,654 more words

Ghost In The Shell