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The Gourmand Apocalypse


The ‘foodie‘ focus of modern perfume started in the late 19th century, coincidentally at the start of chemically synthetic perfumery.   We tend to highlight the abstract perfumes from this era, such as the fougère, the chypre and the oriental.   1,038 more words


Valentino's Uomo (2014)

There are two brothers who look alike, but have quite different personalities. One likes to live out loud and party hard, and the other likes finer things in life and takes things slowly. 149 more words

Designer's Perfumes

Serge Luten's Louve (2007)

Jasmin, Cherry & Marzipan

Louve, in my opinion, doesn’t quite fit the smell and feel of Serge Luten’s line of perfumes. Sweet & cheery, without any consideration to all the angry passers-by who hate sweet stuff, Louve shoots scoops of cherry almond ice-cream at you like a tennis ball machine. 10 more words

Niche Perfumes

Atkinson's Oud Save The Queen (2013)

British Amouage Contender?

I remember visiting British perfume house Atkinson’s brand new website a few months ago – super confusing to navigate, a bit cheesy and very British-looking. 169 more words

Niche Perfumes

Guerlain's Tonka Imperiale (2010)

Crème Brûlée Perfume

When I first visited the Toronto Guerlain flagship store, I was overwhelmed by the number of perfumes available and the sales lady who orbited around me within two foot radius. 136 more words

Niche Perfumes

Thierry Mugler's A-Men (1996)

I am very late to the Angel (and A-Men) party, but I bet the party never ends?

I read about Luca’s review on Angel and I have learnt that it’s a 5-star genre defining perfume. 196 more words