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The real reason why Scotland lost their fight for independence.

I know it’s been a while now since Scotland lost their Yes vote for independence and your probably think why I’m talking about this now and I would say it is because I know the reason why they lost and it is very simple, it’s as simple as the No vote was the easier option, that’s it, But of course it not that simple. 384 more words


The Ebola Conspiracy - Did America Create It

THE spread of Ebola from western Africa to suburban Texas has brought with it another strain of contagion: conspiracy theories.

The outbreak began in September, when The Daily Observer, a Liberian newspaper, published… 834 more words


Call For Action On Attainment Gap Between Rich And Poor Children

There have been calls for urgent action to tackle the attainment gap between children from rich and poor backgrounds.

Pupils in some deprived areas are twenty times less likely to achieve three As at Higher Grade, according to new research by the Conservative Party. 403 more words



The f8kkowing from:  http://www.disabled-world.com/disability/discrimination/

Disability Discrimination Information and Cases

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Discrimination against the disabled or ableism is discrimination action against people based on the physical ability of their body especially against people with disabilities ( 645 more words


Emotional Abuse

Not everyone had experienced physical abuse. But many had emotional abuse. Be it verbally or anything. Sometimes even we can “feel” abused because of someone’s action who doesn’t even know or intended to do so. 509 more words

King Solomon on Taxation and Term Limits

What a wonderful thing it would be if these two things would happen. 183 more words

King Solomon