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Modi's Toffee Model

Today i stumbled across another piece of evidence that is pointing towards ill faith of our nation in near future if and only if Mr. loud mouth comes to power that we all hope never happens. 192 more words


Life as an Eastlands Resident

I remember watching the movie ‘wild wild west’ starring Will Smith. The movie captures what happens in the world of lawlessness. 553 more words


Plutocrats: The Rise of the New Global Super Rich and the Fall of Everyone else.

One of the most educational releases by The Aspen Institute. Even though it is a long video and she has a very mono-toned voice it is worth listening too.

Danger Ignored: Coal mining in Laitryngew

With Meghalaya Mining Policy still not in place and all attention focused towards cement companies apparently in the midst of forest, one has forgotten about the genesis of coal in Meghalaya – Sohra. 534 more words

Cave In

Felons: The New Minority

Lets just say for a moment you did a crime against society and you were sentenced to do time in prison You do your time and are released. 774 more words


King Solomon Is The Culprit


 Another round of Jewish and Palestinian peace talks have broken down is in the news again. Maybe politicians should stop and consider that perhaps two separate states is not the solution and consider what worked in the past for the culprit King Solomon.

King Solomon