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Who is going after FDLR and who not?

It has been roughly four weeks after a six-month ultimatum for Rwandan FDLR rebels to voluntarily disarm expired, until – on Thursday 29th January – military operations against the group were announced. 761 more words

War And Peace

Begging for what's yours

by femina

Every state government in the country was directed to set up a compensation scheme for rape survivors by the Supreme Court two decades ago. 1,272 more words


Legislative Civility: Alphabetical Seating v. According to Party Affiliation

Much of the time when I see footage of a legislative session I can’t help but feel embarrassed by the behavior of the participants.  The interactions routinely devolve into heated shouting matches and passionate demands for resignations.  70 more words


1MDB: Ananda to the rescue?

January 31, 2015

1MDB: Ananda to the rescue?

by Reuters/www.malaysiakini.com

Malaysia’s second-richest man Ananda Krishnan will lend 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) RM2 billion to settle a loan to local banks, two people familiar with the matter said, helping pave the way for a US$3 billion (RM10.85 billion) IPO by the state investor. 269 more words



The point I wish to make is that a nation’s economy is like its eco-system. If there is a fire in the forest, it not only burns the trees but also endangers birds, insects and micro-organisms. 12 more words


Sharing Economic Norm

It’s been observed lately, some apps organization have been proceed sharing economic concept to service it’s app’s users. The initial idea is nice for providing services as per any applicable areas. 152 more words




观察上来说, 有些应用软件也实现了共享经济概念, 其设计时的用意良善, 但是当产品或服务推行到世界各地的市场时, 似乎是为使用该应用软件用户误用了, 而导至负面消息产生. 虽说应用软件提供者, 似乎是无辜地, 但是就经营的方向来看, 对其第三方(应用软件用户)辅导相关规范也是一项经营. 现在也已经有相关的诉讼进行着, 有些国家也依其相关法规来禁用某些应用软件, 所以应用软件厂商也将面临经营挑战.

Info Tech Business Partner 观点

现在有一种情绪分析(Emotion Analytic)数据库, 是一项脸部影像辨识, 来侦测情绪等级. 若所有跟共享经济相关应用软件, 可先运用情绪分析, 侦测情绪在一个可接受的范围, 再放行软件下载.  说不定, 很快地, 可能对于商品上架到网络商店, 可能还需要各国的相关单位核准, 才能正式地在网络商店销售.