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Izin pemanfaatan hasil hutan diobral

Kamis, 24 Juli 2014

KONTAN. JAKARTA. Investasi di sektor kehutanan Indonesia kian menarik. Ini tercermin dari data Kementerian Kehutanan (Kemhut) soal pemberian Izin Usaha Pemanfaatan Hasil Hutan Kayu (IUPHHK). 443 more words

Forest And Timber

Developing ICT materials for a ward government in Papua New Guinea – Taulil Ward 2


By Lawrencia Pirpir and Patrick Kadaka
A rapid assessment conducted by the authors that developed a five year development ward plan 2013 – 2017 for Taulil Ward 2. 446 more words

Lawz Mulitmedia

Slay for pay: The rise of the mercenary

Way back when, in the days when esnl was but a mere high school student, he was told by his Latin and World History teachers that one clear symptom of the decline of ancient Rome was the transformation of the empire’s formidable citizen army into a force increasingly manned by mercenaries, hired swords with allegiance not to the distant imperial seat but to their own financial gain — or, in other words, always open to a better offer. 132 more words


Uncle Sam wages legal war for banksters

Yep, forget national sovereignty or the willing assumption of risk by buyers of foreign debt; Washington wants poor countries to bail our speculators at the cost of their own citizens. 733 more words


Governance & accountablity of local Schools

From Bradford Council debate on Schools and Governance.

Motion 3  Schools and Governance.

Councillor Berry

My Lord Mayor the Council has a duty to act and ensure prompt action is taken to see good governance and leadership whenever the need is identified but as my colleague has identified at this  time across the country a number of things have called into question the objectivity of some of those systems . 1,182 more words


Edward Snowden tackles critics, the panopticon

The world’s most famous leaker offers an illuminating discussion the the reasons why he leaked, and his take on the sate of surveillance in today’s world in tis fascinating interview for The Guardian. 156 more words


Leaders and Ladders

My executive assistant shared with me a little article that drew a parallel between painting on a ladder and leadership. I have done a lot of painting off a ladder. 167 more words

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