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New Safe Use of Machinery Guidelines

WorkSafeNZ has released new Safe Use of Machinery Best Practice Guidelines giving duty holders advice on how to use machinery safely and to meet their obligations under the Health and Safety Act. 118 more words


Flying pigs and the carbon tax.

Last night (July 29) I watched Rod Simms (ACCC chairman) interviewed on the ABC about the price reductions consumers can expect from the removal of the carbon tax. 537 more words


Using Lodging Taxes for Staff Support of LTAC

Can you use lodging tax revenues to pay for staff support of the Lodging Tax Advisory Committee (LTAC)? It’s a good question that we’ve been getting lately. 721 more words


To what extent does Bang's concept of cultural governance provide a challenge to democracy?

Over the past few decades there have been undeniable changes in Western Liberal societies. Huge steps forward within technological and media industries, alongside changes in socio-economic demographics have had a number of political consequences. 3,176 more words


Keiser Report: What recovery? And Hold on!

All that talk of recovery is a fraud, says a leading British financial journalist, and Crash II is on it’s way.

While the meat of this latest edition of Max’s long-running RT show is in the second half interview with scribe Liam Halligan, in the opening minutes Max and Stacy Herbert do a deft debunking of the language of traders and economists to reveal the meaning of all those words so blithely bandied about. 118 more words


Quote of the day: The madness of pot busts

Following up on Sunday’s lead editorial call for an end to federal marijuana prohibition, the New York Times is back again today with an editorial… 254 more words


Can PAS be trusted to do it right for an Inclusive and Just Malaysia?

July 29, 2014

Can PAS be trusted do it right for an inclusive and Just Malaysia?


Thank you, Mohd Zuhdi Marzuki.

Thank you, for your honesty and bringing into the open what many supporters of Pakatan Rakyat have suspected for a while now and which The Malaysian Insider has touched on in the last few days: that the removal of Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim as the Selangor Menteri Besar has become a sideshow. 514 more words