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Control Mechanisms of the Global Elite

On this week’s edition of Real Politik we are joined by Kris Millegan, publisher of that modest yet significant book imprint, TrineDay. Millegan explains how in the late 1960s his father, a veteran OSS and CIA operative, explained to him that the world’s major institutions were greatly influenced by “secret societies.” 1,337 more words


December E-BOM: America's Secret Establishment

This Holiday Season’s E Book of the Month

Every spring since 1832 fifteen new faces are asked to join The Order of Skull and Bones.

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State Crime

Life In General

No matter where I turn they are there.  They live inside me and enjoy the good things in life outside of me.  The good things of course being infinity pools and LS grade cars.  1,312 more words

Organized Crime

Sandy Hook Documentary Isn't About Sandy Hook: The Fortress and What's Inside

The release of the documentary, “We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook” by the group, Independent Media Solidarity has become a story of aggressive copyright fraud, a massive video upload movement and an unexpected Internet solidarity more than a story of the controversial Sandy Hook event itself. 5,542 more words


Clarity In The Factor Of The State - things I don't care about...

In 1994, I ran away from home for the second time, but this time I was over the age of 18.  I had aspired to be a Hippy.  2,850 more words


Myron May's Suicide Letter

The following is the text of the letter that Myron May sent to 10 recipients, along with a flash drive and some other documents. Most of these materials have been confiscated by federal authorities. 637 more words


Rogue Academics, Intrepid Truthers, and the Freedom to Ask Anything

By Lionel

* James Tracy of * University and Memory Hole Blog joined me for a conversation on the dread conspiracy theory, the label that shuts down and shuts up without fail. 295 more words

Public Opinion