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Probing the Origins of Monetary Servitude

James speaks to independent journalist and media producer James Corbett of The Corbett Report on TFR’s Real Politik program. They discuss Corbett’s seven-year career as producer of unique alternative news and analysis, in addition to his work, … 216 more words

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New Interview Program on Truth Frequency Radio

On August 13 James Tracy’s new program, Real Politik, debuted on the Truth Frequency Radio network. The hour-long interview show will be broadcast each Wednesday at 6:00PM Eastern Standard Time, and mp3 files of the program may be downloaded at TFR’s… 156 more words

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Interventions in Public Knowledge and Memory

This week’s guest is Chris Emery, independent journalist, media producer, and production associate at Free Mind Films. Chris and James discuss Free Mind Films’ epic documentary… 250 more words

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Well would you look at this?!

I am not sure how I had not seen this email, fecking Android!!

I failed to see this come through and they have been adding some really stupid things to the Google Mail App and segregating certain emails off and displaying things differently. 870 more words

You're either with me or against me...

This morning I got the scare of my life. I opened up my Facebook app and saw a link to a Huffington Post article about the new Facebook Messenger. 544 more words


Malaysian Plane Tragedy... Again

It’s been another bad week for Malaysian Airlines, and an even worse week for Malaysian Airlines passengers and their families. Let’s run down what we know. 273 more words

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Imperial Presidency: DOJ Denies Conspiring with IRS

Oh, boy.  This should cause make American sleep better at night  Or not.

Top Justice official denies conspiring with IRS on tea party targeting

The Justice Department is looking into former IRS employee Lois G. 280 more words