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Malaysian Plane Tragedy... Again

It’s been another bad week for Malaysian Airlines, and an even worse week for Malaysian Airlines passengers and their families. Let’s run down what we know. 273 more words

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Imperial Presidency: DOJ Denies Conspiring with IRS

Oh, boy.  This should cause make American sleep better at night  Or not.

Top Justice official denies conspiring with IRS on tea party targeting

The Justice Department is looking into former IRS employee Lois G. 280 more words


What is the Malaysian Government Hiding?

The widespread observations of the general public that the Malaysian government haven’t actually been on top of things appears to have struck a nerve. An official within the Malaysian government has called these speculations “ 180 more words

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Sandy Hook's Disappearing Witnesses

By Tony Mead

Close to nineteen months have passed since the event known as the Sandy Hook Massacre transpired. Amazingly, there has still been no conclusive evidence put forth by any of the families affected or the investigators involved to dispel the many ‘conspiracy theories’ that have evolved from the event. 2,914 more words

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Power Outage Aboard Flight MH370

The latest report out of Australia not only points out that the Malaysian Airlines only attempted to contact its missing airplane twice during its ill-fated journey, it also reveals yet another odd detail in the seemingly endless string of weird details unfolding in this mystery. 150 more words

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Influential Figures Surround Sandy Hook Crime Scenes

By Namesnot Mary
Text by James Tracy

New information suggests that important parties with ties to the Connecticut State Appellate Court, Newtown Savings Bank, the United Way of Western Connecticut, and even cable news powerhouse CNN own or are associated with properties in close proximity of the two principal Sandy Hook massacre crime scenes.

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New Head of the Hunt For Flight MH370 in Malaysia

Is it possible that conspiracy theorists are not the only one’s who have noticed Malaysia’s astounding inability to turn up any evidence about their own missing flight? 207 more words

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