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"Abandoned" Israel...?

I keep hearing this sort of statement.  “The United States has abandoned Israel”.  It’s almost as though every time anyone in the media even MENTIONS the deaths of Palestinian children, or a blown up hospital, it’s treated as though CNN was calling for the eradication of the entire Jewish populace.  801 more words

End Times

City of Chicago's Regulations for Small Business/Veterans JV Bid Incentives

The City of Chicago has published the regulations for its Small Business/Veterans JV Bid Incentive program.  To view the regulations, click here.

Government Contracts

Part 5: How Do I Evaluate Legal Costs?

This is the last part of a five-part series will help answer the question “how do I know which lawyer is right for me?” by breaking the analysis down into vitally important component parts. 495 more words

Finding A Lawyer

City of Chicago Small Business/Veteran-Owned Business Bidding Preference

On June 25, 2014, Chicago City Council approved an ordinance establishing a small business/veteran-owned business bid-incentive preference for City contracts.  To view the ordinance, click here

Government Contracts

Position To Win: Tips For Government Contracting

Subpart 19.5 of the Federal Acquisition Regulations contains guidance for agencies when it comes to set-asides for small business concerns to include what is commonly referred to as the ‘Rule of Two.’ 144 more words

Government Contracting

Is Your Small Business Ready for Big Corporate or Government Contacts?

Interestingly many small business owners I have spoken to have mixed feelings about landing a big contract with the government or a corporation. On the one hand it is often a big increase in revenue but on the other hand they may take a long time to pay. 149 more words

Small Business