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Blaming the Victim

While it’s great to see The Boston Globe finally acknowledge the terrible conditions for pedestrians in Boston, the way they did so was decidely interesting. 546 more words

Some Praise for a Minor Part of Obamacare

I like to think that very few people despise Obamacare more than me.

I don’t like Obamacare because it’s a fiscal boondoggle.

I don’t like Obamacare because it’s… 793 more words


The Myth That Is UK Economic Control

During my studies at college, I found that Economics textbooks spouted never-ending theories about the powers of economic manipulation that the government had at their disposal. 1,616 more words

Economic History

COMMENTS: Rejoinder to Nic BORAIN Part 1

COMMENT: Rejoinder to Nic BORAIN’s “Hold Fast Comrades: the Thatcher-lites are upon us”: nicborain@wordpress.com


Why is the South African economy not growing: is it due to market failures or to a failure of politics? 1,717 more words

Laffer says tobacco taxes should be lower...but follow the money

When Arthur Laffer speaks about tax, people listen. So when he delivered his opinion that tobacco taxes could be too high in the UK in his  464 more words


Thanks to Lobbying, Banks Obtain Unearned Wealth and Increase Systemic Risk

I periodically comment about government corruption, often in the context of trying to make the general point that shrinking the size and scope of the public sector is the… 1,042 more words

Government Intervention

Laissez Faire Links: Nationalization of Google and Amazon, Tax 'Inversion', Government Waste...This is the Idiocracy of Bureaucracy

Laissez Faire Links: The Idiocracy of Bureaucracy

Today’s set of links focus on government intrusion and waste.  Whether trying to snuff out global corporations altogether via nationalization, wasting tax-payer money on grandiose renovations of bureaucratic headquarters, or political punditry calling corporations unpatriotic because they won’t pay for the renovations of bureaucratic headquarters, these links demonstrate the idiocracy of bureaucracy. 502 more words

Government Intervention