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Multi-million pound Change4Life obesity campaign too 'simplistic'

Video government Change for life program

Government intervention – approach to the obesity crisis is to give information to consumers to make them behave in a different way.  26 more words

Government Intervention

Another Amazing Example of Government Stupidity and Political Correctness

If you had to pick the most inane, pointless, and intrusive example of government stupidity, what would you pick?

We have lots of examples of regulators running amok. 532 more words

Government Stupidity

Taxing, WMS, and the Welfare State

     Taxing is used by the government to steal YOUR money that YOU earned YOURSELF.  There are a few principles used to say why the government should tax you.   617 more words

School Reports

Greetings from Obamaland...Oops, I Mean Greece

As much as I condemn American politicians for bad policy, things could be worse.

We could be Greek citizens, which would be very depressing. Indeed, you’ll understand why I put Obamaland in the title after you read today’s column. 962 more words

Fiscal Policy

The Multi-Faceted Farce of Obamacare

I spoke yesterday to the Memphis Economics Club about America’s looming fiscal crisis, and I did my usual song-and-dance routine about potential Greek-style chaos in the absence of… 750 more words


Drone Flights (Illegal?)

A small, four-rotor drone hovered over Washington Nationals players for a few days during spring training in Florida last month, taking publicity photos impossible for a human photographer to capture. 269 more words