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Laffer says tobacco taxes should be lower...but follow the money

When Arthur Laffer speaks about tax, people listen. So when he delivered his opinion that tobacco taxes could be too high in the UK in his  464 more words


Thanks to Lobbying, Banks Obtain Unearned Wealth and Increase Systemic Risk

I periodically comment about government corruption, often in the context of trying to make the general point that shrinking the size and scope of the public sector is the… 1,042 more words

Government Intervention

Laissez Faire Links: Nationalization of Google and Amazon, Tax 'Inversion', Government Waste...This is the Idiocracy of Bureaucracy

Laissez Faire Links: The Idiocracy of Bureaucracy

Today’s set of links focus on government intrusion and waste.  Whether trying to snuff out global corporations altogether via nationalization, wasting tax-payer money on grandiose renovations of bureaucratic headquarters, or political punditry calling corporations unpatriotic because they won’t pay for the renovations of bureaucratic headquarters, these links demonstrate the idiocracy of bureaucracy. 502 more words

Government Intervention

Thomas Sowell and the Minimum Wage: "The Evidence is Against You."

In this video, Dr. Sowell dismantles the Minimum Wage law and tells it like it is: the Minimum Wage, while maybe well-intentioned by some, actually produces unemployment and harms people already living in poverty. 


Idiot Who Leaves Kid, Dog in Hot Car Still an Idiot

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or away from social media and television), you already know about the father who apparently intentionally locked his son in a hot car for 7 hours, resulting in a most tragic outcome. 407 more words

Property: The Junction of Political and Economic Liberty

I find it striking how little attention is given to the fundamentals upon which America and its namesake of democracy were founded. Amidst the political and economic turmoil that characterizes our time, we seem to neglect what is simultaneously important to each and all of us, liberty. 1,361 more words

Government Intervention

Everything You Need to Know about Greece...Plus Remarkably Bad Poll Numbers for Obama

We’re going to touch on two topics today.

I realize that not that many readers care about Greek economic policy, but sometimes other nations can teach us very important lessons. 687 more words