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Distracting From the Problems in His Own Backyard . . .

On International Issues, Harper Commits Selective Morality


Give Harper some credit – he does your thinking for you when you can’t be bothered, which unfortunately for many is far too often.

Government Fury

John - It's "anti-war, non-violence", NOT "anti-Israel"

John Baird Earns Rave Reviews On U.S. Conservative Radio


“Levin explained that he’d invited Baird onto his show so that America’s youth might draw some inspiration.” 37 more words


You’re All the Same – As Long as You Vote For Me

When Harper Killed the Census He Robbed Canadians


The less you know about what’s happening in the country the better – it’s a matter of national (in)security and we can’t have ordinary citizens analyzing government policy can we?

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