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Someone Alert the Feds - They Clearly Don't Know Yet

Why Reports Say Canada’s Economy Won’t Recover For Several Years


I never expected the Bank of Canada to call Harper’s bluff – but even they are so late to the party.

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Public-Private Partnerships (or P3s) - the Marketing and the Reality

First up – the Soares sashay:

Extending the Powerful Impact of Public-Private Partnerships in Canada


Old Joe was a former “communications issues” adviser to the Prime Minister (of Canada). 139 more words

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Saskatoon looks for private sector partner to build 2 bridges

SASKATOON – The call is out from the City of Saskatoon to find a private sector partner to build two new bridges in the city. 278 more words


Put the Bigger Point is: Canadians Aren't Thinking - Period.

Canada Needs to Reject Radical Right Thinking


Canada swings very hard politically between either authoritarianism (Conservatives) and socialism (Liberals, New Democrats). The irony is – neither work.

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Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships Program for Study in Canada's Universities

If you would like to study in Canada’s Universities, Canada and pursue Full Time Graduate Program in social sciences and/or humanities, natural sciences and/or engineering and health you can avail Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships Program which is being offered by Government of…, http://www.scholarshipstimes.com/2014/07/21/vanier-canada-graduate-scholarships-program-for-study-in-canadas-universities/

And the Survey Says . . . Bul*****.

Harper Government Policies Don’t Match Canadians’ Priorities, Public Opinion Research Finds


” The findings . . . suggest the Harper government’s central policy themes — trade and the economy, with an emphasis on energy exports — are resonating less with ordinary Canadians.” 143 more words

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