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The 2.9% drop in real GDP during the first quarter was a fluke caused by a brutal winter and some one-off events. 691 more words

Economic Outlooks

A Simple Solution to the Highway Trust Fund Deficit

I’m a big believer in federalism, both as a matter of policy and politics.

So you won’t be surprised that I’ve called for the… 547 more words

Government Spending

Elizabeth Warren backs the Bank of Boeing

To her supporters, Senator Elizabeth Warren is a champion of the downtrodden and bane of the wealthy.

To those of us who know better, she’s a government-always-first leftist who is quite fine with helping the biggest and wealthiest corporations in America so long as the government grows. 155 more words

U.S. Politics

Diversity for Thee, But Not For Me

The Progressive mantra of “diversity über alles” is one of the most honored shibboleths in the pantheon of the stated beliefs held by those on the left. 1,060 more words

Political Doubletalk

No Longer the World’s Policeman, We’re Now the World’s Social Worker.

It’s 9AM late July and already the day is shot to hell. The temperature is over 80 and the humidity would wilt a Puritan’s collar. 1,184 more words


The fiscal policy of Warren Harding

Warren Harding succeeded Wilson in 1921 as the American economy fell into a post-World War I inflationary recession. Although almost never mentioned, he turned an incipient Great Depression into the Roaring Twenties. 239 more words

Economic Theory And Policy

Take Your Good Faith and Shove It: Three Economic Refutations of the DAP

For the sake of disabusing the notions of the few half-bright apologists who are trying to convince an outraged Philippine public that “some good was achieved with the DAP”, here’s a few insights into why, apart from his appalling arrogance and disregard for the democracy to which he owes his position, President B.S. 89 more words

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