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Welfare cash used to purchase marijuana in Colorado

National Review has the story.


For the past six months, welfare beneficiaries in Colorado have repeatedly withdrawn their cash benefits at marijuana retailers and dispensaries, according to a new analysis by National Review Online.

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Just a tick - 2044? You're Not Gettin' 30 More Years Out of It

UK student loans system near collapse


“The Government’s estimates indicate the size of outstanding student debt will increase to more than £330bn by 2044,” said Adrian Bailey MP, Chair of the BIS Committee.

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Public-Private Partnerships (or P3s) - the Marketing and the Reality

First up – the Soares sashay:

Extending the Powerful Impact of Public-Private Partnerships in Canada


Old Joe was a former “communications issues” adviser to the Prime Minister (of Canada). 139 more words

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Put the Bigger Point is: Canadians Aren't Thinking - Period.

Canada Needs to Reject Radical Right Thinking


Canada swings very hard politically between either authoritarianism (Conservatives) and socialism (Liberals, New Democrats). The irony is – neither work.

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Australia’s Sporting Contradiction

Off to Scotland go our Commonwealth Games athletes together with a virtual army of hangers-on – all at taxpayer expense. Like many western countries, Australia claims to have a major problem with childhood obesity. 1,690 more words

Elizabeth Warren backs the Bank of Boeing

To her supporters, Senator Elizabeth Warren is a champion of the downtrodden and bane of the wealthy.

To those of us who know better, she’s a government-always-first leftist who is quite fine with helping the biggest and wealthiest corporations in America so long as the government grows. 156 more words

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You Handle the Government Debt, Let Us Worry About the Jokes

Wynne expresses concern over marketing stunts like fake Lake Ontario shark video


. . . next up: Practical Jokes to Carry a Hefty Fine (Higher Based on Level of Ensuing Hilarity).

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