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Socialism Loves Your Dependence . . .

Private Health Care Could Benefit Canada


The Canadian system is an anomaly among industrialized countries’ health care policies. Canada is the only country to limit the role of private health insurance exclusively to the coverage of services not insured by the public system. 17 more words

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If Only the Education System Followed Economic Realities and Needs . . .

Employers Aren’t Just Whining: The “Skills Gap” Is Real


What is hard to measure is often hard to manage. Employers using new technologies need to base hiring decisions not just on education, but also on the non-cognitive skills that allow some people to excel at learning on the job; they need to design pay structures to retain workers who do learn, yet not to encumber employee mobility and knowledge sharing, which are often key to informal learning; and they need to design business models that enable workers to learn effectively on the job


What have we gotten in return having made history, electing the first "black" president?

It’s natural for the major media to publish articles defending Barack’s six years of vacationing, golfing and partying. I’ve seen story after story comparing G.W. Bush’s vacation time to Barack’s. 775 more words

Barack Hussein Obama

Easy With the Numbers There Monsieur

Let’s Start Using Real Numbers To Discuss Public Employee Pension Plans


The Quebec province in Canada gets huge equalization payments from the federal government ($9B+ in 2014)  – clearly Canada’s darlings. 43 more words

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Loan Sharks move to London en mass

Property boom to continue, as Las Vegas loan sharks move to London en mass. Wonga and similar have shown the way, loan sharking need not be a shady and dangerous business when a corruption friendly government is willing to let just anyone start a legal loan sharking business. 41 more words