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Loan Sharks move to London en mass

Property boom to continue, as Las Vegas loan sharks move to London en mass. Wonga and similar have shown the way, loan sharking need not be a shady and dangerous business when a corruption friendly government is willing to let just anyone start a legal loan sharking business. 41 more words


Umm.. There MUST Be More Than One Choice . . .

Our Universal Health Care Needs Reform, Not Corporatization


If you can even get past the first paragraph of literary masturbation, the author proceeds to educate Canadians as to why they don’t want a corporatized/privatized health care system,┬áthat they are being lied to, and that tweaks to the system will save billions. 41 more words

Blind Fury

We need Will Rogers again!

The rope twirling native American from the last century knows more about our problems than talking heads on television. Will Rogers has a few words of wisdom to share, and reading about his life reveals why the people of the USA love men like him. 141 more words

Political Humor

Ontario and PQ go to the Feds With Hat in Hand

Wynne, Couillard Urge Feds To Hike Infrastructure Funding


“Ontario and Quebec are calling on the federal government to increase infrastructure funding because of the slower rate of economic recovery and job creation in Eastern Canada.” 59 more words

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