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"WHAT'S THAT MATTER WITH YOU PEOPLE": 346 Words on How to Fix Our Problems

So many of the problems in the United States today could so very easily be solved with a tiny bit of common sense and basic humanity. 422 more words

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White House: Israel has ‘no stronger defender’ than John Kerry

The White House on Monday defended Secretary of State John Kerry, after charges in Israeli media that he was “capitulating” to Hamas in talks to broker a cease-fire in the Mideast.

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State asks for federal flood aid to cover more counties

State officials are asking the federal government to add 30 more counties and two tribal governments to the list of areas that can receive disaster aid due to severe flood damage in June. 297 more words


The Russian sanctions information gap | Stories I’d like to see

What’s going on behind the scenes in Amsterdam and at the Hague in what has to be a heated debate over how to balance these economic interests with the country’s outrage? 12 more words


Hamas Executed 20 Palestinian Anti-War Protestors in Gaza


Israel’s Channel 10 has reported that dozens of Palestinians emerged from the devastated Gaza neighborhood of Shajaiya to protest against the war, and that Hamas rounded twenty of them up and shot them in the street.

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Interfaith relations strengthened: the Bill 60 effect

Originally published on page 8 of the spring issue of the Catholic Times

The result s of the April 7 provincial election will ultimately decide the fate of Bill 60 and which measures, if any, of the proposed charter of Quebec values will ever become law. 1,618 more words