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Big politicians in government

Usurping power from the people

Lying to fulfill personal desires

Letting morals become irrelevan

Saving only their own skins… 16 more words



This post will no doubt cause me a lot of grief……..I can hear the anger coming from massive amounts of keyboards……..but….what the Hell…….go for it! 617 more words


Guyana News - Budget Debate issues - 4 videos

Clash over Budget cuts

Sport Ministry allocations come under intense scrutiny



Constitution and the separation of church and state

Please read and review the Constitution. The left, atheist, anti-religion groups claim they should not deal with religion. There demand to prevent religious observance does infringe on the rights of those who would like to participate. 1,224 more words

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Worked To Death

Usually, you enter into the workforce for the first time anywhere between your late teenage years and late twenties, depending on your level of study and/or personal circumstances. 803 more words