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Three Ring Government

I mentioned yesterday that 2/3rd’s of Americans who don’t know about the three Branches of Government could just watch this little ditty from Schoolhouse Rock:

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Scotland: Cameron Has Us Both

During the recent Scottish independence referendum, the ‘Yes’ campaign looked the most appealing on paper, but in reality, not so much. Amongst the assurances over a Scottish NHS, an abundance of natural resources and a thriving economy – if I were Scottish, I would have been most inspired to vote ‘Yes’ for the possibility of my country freeing itself from the shackles of Westminster, David Cameron and the other mainstream UK political parties.  333 more words


Politically Incorrect

This video is absolutely relevant to 2014, and is absolutely hilarious.


Reading 2015's Tea Leaves

Much like the month of March, Speaker Pro Tempore James H. “Jay” Lucas roared into his new responsibilities, filling the shoes of state House Speaker Bobby Harrell as he awaits his public corruption trial. 674 more words


Geography: South America Overview Lesson With Cootie Catcher Fun!

This lesson gives a great overview of the South America’s physical, economic, cultural and political characteristics. Students will create a class top ten list of What I Want to Know About South America and will explore the four aspects of South America. 150 more words

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