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StatsCan considering ‘virtual census’ to replace head count | Ottawa Citizen

Makes sense, in terms of efficiency and potentially accuracy (i.e., income data from tax forms may be more reliable than self-reporting).

Ironically, given that it is essentially a “big data” approach, it could be more intrusive than the former mandatory census that the Government abolished citing its intrusiveness (and not mentioning less than a handful of complaints). 201 more words


Threat Assessment 4

Our primary advantage as non-activists is that we don’t touch anyone’s paycheck. If you don’t threaten the gravy train, you are background noise to most of them. 780 more words


In bold new initiative, Obama will put out foreign-policy suggestion box

WASHINGTON–days after admitting that “we don’t have a strategy” for the Middle East, President Obama regained the initiative today, announcing that he would put out a suggestion box for “any ideas at all” on foreign policy. 106 more words

Obama: ' A supporter suggests I proclaim a State of Emergency"

Did a supporter suggest Obama  proclaim a State of Emergency or was it Valerie Jarrett to have his way? Or was it a stream of consciousness running through his head? 288 more words


Scottish Independence - Endgame

I have the feeling that everything worth saying about Scottish Independence has now been said. Ron Ferguson in the Press & Journal summarises the debate clearly. 150 more words

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