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Halfway Capitalism

There is no such thing as halfway capitalism.

And yet, financial and economic experts as well as our teachers and professors continue to repeat and teach our youth that the United States is a “capitalist” nation. 1,180 more words


The Wandering Jew

Some practical reasons for creating ‘wandering jews’. The people forced out of thier homes must steal to survive or numb the pain of the injustice with drugs. 83 more words

Let Them in Cake…

Although the claims of Marie-Antoinette saying ‘Let them eat cake’ can be historically described as literary fiction, the symbolic reality of her misquoted statement was accurate. 904 more words


Food Industry News: House Bill Aimed At Prohibiting Mandatory GMO Food Labeling

Reuters has recently reported that Mike Pompeo, a Republican congressman from Kansas, introduced legislation on April 16 that would “nullify efforts” in the nearly two dozen states requiring genetically modified food labeling. 26 more words


Rise of the Control Grid

David Knight and Paul Joseph Watson  – Infowars.com -  April 19, 2014

David Knight, covering for Alex Jones, welcomes Paul Joseph Watson onto the Alex Jones show. 23 more words


Proceed At Your Own Risk When Bidding For Federal Contracts

The latest trend in government contracting has been building for a few years now.

The government is asking for more information from potential bidders, and sometimes that discourages companies from competing. 340 more words


Moderate Islam meets Auschwitz | +972 Magazine

Interesting piece on Mohammed Dajani Daoudi, a Palestinian academic who came under considerable controversy for his taking a group of Palestinian students to Auschwitz and whose partnership with Ben Gurion University includes exposing Israeli students to the… 178 more words