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ISIS, Christians and What We Should Do

There are many ways to get things wrong. There are many ways those who are children of God can do the wrong thing. What is the right thing to do for our situation? 1,235 more words


Can An American President Lead From A Golf Course?

President Obama ran on “hope” and “change.” He has delivered so far as we see it, on neither so far as the country is concerned, yet it seems to us that he has greatly changed the American Presidency.That is no small thing. 680 more words


F = Failure

Sixty to seventy years ago we had a better pandemic control system in place than we do now. The difference between then and now is several trillion dollars spent by a very liberal government on drugs and systems that only serve to line the pockets of their political friends. 853 more words


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A good perspective on the dangers of a pandemic from someone who lived through the Polio pandemic in this country.

The Gubernatorial in High School: Voting for Non-voters

By Danielle Brignola

October has breezed in with browning leaves, warm apple cider, and pumpkin patches galore.  With the change of the season, school has reached full swing and the federal fiscal year has begun.   684 more words


Anchoring the Boats, are we taking in Enough?

We have all heard it, seen it, and may even know someone involved with it. This it is Asylum seekers. If you don’t know what it means by now, where have you been hiding, but to seek asylum is a person who has left their home country as a political refugee and is seeking asylum in another. 341 more words