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Managing the Anthropocene

In this age of the Anthropocene natural resource management is incredibly important. There currently exists a true human dominance over the biosphere. This dominance effects a range of topics from human health to the politics we address. 2,281 more words

The Human Development Index and the Totalization of Capitalist Progress

(Not so fast Emma!)

The Human Development Index is used by the United Nations and many scholars in economics, global studies, political science, and other disciplines to measure the development of people and countries across the globe. 464 more words

Saturday Midday: Power and Information

Allison Bashford’s presentation for the biosecurity panel mentioned a mid-20th century idea of Warren Weaver to develop an independent, solar energy source providing every human being with a personal energy supply. 1,317 more words

2014 Conference

Living in a Germaphobic World of Self-Discipline and the Fear of the Unknown


Last Friday afternoon I attended a talk given by Dr. Penelope Ironstone from the Communication Studies department at Wilfrid Laurier University, part of a larger departmental talk series.  364 more words

Michel Foucault’s Conceptual Vocabulary: Governmentality and Biopower

Michel Foucault is a famously controversial and interdisciplinary author who described himself as a historian of “systems of thought”. His analysis is centred on unearthing the relationships of power, domination, exploitation, and subjugation that he believes to be intrinsic to discourse. 1,002 more words