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Governmentality: Power and Rule in Modern Society

Mitchell M Dean (2009)

We are accustomed to a certain set of received ways of thinking about questions of government. The ways of thinking have been derived form ideas around the concept of ‘the state’. 2,478 more words

Lessons from Surkov's Russia: The Split Personality (Dis)Order of Modern Geopolitics

What we fail to understand about Russia is not greed. What we fail to understand is not the power-hungry Mr. Putin, nor the corruption that stems from his example. 2,433 more words


Response to the Senate Select Committee Study

There has been a flurry of critique in the aftermath of the declassification of the US Senate Select Committee’s report on the CIA’s practices during the Bush era, but it is necessary that this flurry is sustained into the coming months and years, or else the issue will be left dormant and, as pointed out in this piece for Black & BLUE, we will be faced with it once more only when it is, again, too late. 6 more words

International Relations

Speculations: Command and Control Ecologies

Political groupings and executive authorities appear to be totally incapable of understanding the full implications of these issues. Despite having recently initiated a partial realization of the most obvious dangers that threaten the natural environment of our societies, they are generally content to simply tackle industrial pollution and then from purely technocratic perspective… … 2,349 more words