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Shrinking windows partition
Creating GParted LiveUsb
Adding unallocated partition to Linux extended partition
Moving root partition to the left most
Resizing root
Moving home partition to the left most… 12 more words



Shown here is gparted, the Gnome Partition Editor, which is one of the most useful programs I have. It’s so useful, in fact, that I also have it on a stand-alone disk in my… 274 more words


ho hum... bleeding linux!

i’ve now spent about 6 hours and haven’t got anywhere.  :(

I’m (currently) convinced that XBMC is the right direction, but trying to install it is turning out to be a challenge. 167 more words


GParted Live 0.19.0-1 Disk Partition Editor

The GParted team is proud to announce the stable release of GParted Live 0.19.0-1.

GParted a partition editor for graphically managing your disk partitions.
With GParted you can resize, copy, and move partitions without data loss, enabling you to: 27 more words


GNOME Disk Utility

So far I’ve used gparted to get info about partitions. But today I found another tool that is shipped with Ubuntu called GNOME Disk Utility. It is also good for getting info but it can do some extra stuff too: create images, mount/unmount partitions, etc. 20 more words