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Exton|OS Light Live CD 64 bit with Openbox 3.5.2 :: build 140910

NEWS 140910 about Exton|OS Light Live CD – ISO file of 692 MB
I’ve made a new extra version of Exton|OS with only a minimum of packages pre-installed. 280 more words


DebEX KDE, build 140821, with KDE 4.13.3 and kernel 3.16

I have made a new version of the extra version of DebEX, wich I call DebEX KDE Live DVD. (The first version is from 140626). 64 more words


DebEX Barebone build 140819

The DebEX Barebone ISO is now a ISO-hybrid, which means that it can very easily be transferred to a USB pen drive. You can then even run DebEX Barebone from the USB stick and save all your system changes on the stick. 177 more words


Convert your Raspberry Pi into an audiophile music player using volumio

There are many cool uses for the Raspberry Pi. I was on the verge of buying an iPod Nano (to replace my broken ipod) when a friend asked my opinion about the Raspberry Pi – something I had not paid attention to until then. 2,122 more words

Linux Mint 17 Review

I installed the new Linux Mint 17, AKA Quina, and have used it for a few days. Here’s a great, in-depth blog post on it from Desktop Linux, June 1, 2014–this is just my experience with it. 329 more words