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Disable the pinentry GUI window (for ssh, svn+ssh, gpg, ...) under Linux

Under SuSE 13.1, when you run a ssh+svn command on the console to commit to a subversion repository, you sometimes get an annoying behaviour: instead of prompting for the password in the shell, a pinentry GUI window pops up and asks for the password. 83 more words


Fix the GPG warning using Y-PPA manager

Here’s a quick tip,

If you ever encounter this error(check the screenshot), the easiest thing that you could do to fix it AFAIK is to install the Y-PPA manager and let it try to import all the missing GPG keys.


New GPG Key!

Achievement unlocked: I have a new GPG key:


pub   4096R/7E4AF4A3 2014-07-13
Fingerprint = 445E 3AD0 3690 3F47 E19B  37B2 F226 7446 7E4A F4A3
uid                  Laura Arjona Reina <laura.arjona@upm.es> 185 more words

My Experiences And Opinion

Symmetric encryption with GPG


Symmetric encryption is fast, secure, and non-deterministic. The last point meaning that brute forcing symmetric encryption is MUCH harder than public-key algorithms. Security expert Bruce Schneier… 170 more words


Google looks to make OpenPGP easier for Gmail users

Recently, Google made a bit of a fuss about the fact that half of emails it received in early June 2014 were still being sent in plain text by other email providers. 829 more words



Kgpg – grafický frontend k programu GnuPG

Kgpg je grafický frontend k programu GnuPG, který slouží k šifrování na bázi privátního a veřejného klíče. 101 more words