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Tails: quick review

Like all trendy, privacy-conscious, NSA-suspicious self-respecting journalist, I am interested in Tails, an operating system that aims to “preserve privacy and anonymity”. But I didn’t have the inclination to try it until recently. 207 more words


caff gpg.conf file settings

After years of using caff for my PGP key-signing needs I finally come across the answer to a question I’ve had since the beginning.¬† I document it here so that I may keep my sanity next time I go searching for the information. 278 more words


Perbaikan GPG Key di BlankOn Suroboyo

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Untuk bapak-bapak pengguna Macbook BlanKon :D

Sementara, cara paling simpel untuk memasang BlankOn Suroboyo di Macbook adalah menggunakan debian net install. Bisa pake jurusnya pak… 141 more words


Learnings on Encryption - Python-gnupg

In the previous posts I discussed how to use GnuPG tool from command line and how to use the tool with Thunderbird for securing your e-mail communication. 971 more words


Learnings on Encryption - Thunderbird, Enigmail

In the previous post we have seen how to create/manage/distribute asymmetric-keys using open-source software like GnuPG. In this post we will see how to put these keys to good use, using applications like Mozilla Thunderbird. 570 more words


Learnings on Encryption - GnuPG

In the previous post I had explained one method of transferring data securely from one machine to another using Steganography. In this post I will discuss one more open source¬† tool called… 1,975 more words


Learnings on Encryption - Steganography, OpenPuff

I first came across the word encryption as a student while reading about Word War II, I was fascinated by the stories of Enigma, the aptly named German encryption engine. 943 more words