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World's First Smart Snowboard Changes Music According To Your Actions

Ever wanted a soundtrack to your life? For a couple of minutes at a time, Signal Snowboards creates that experience with a smart snowboard that varies your music… 210 more words


GPS or Wander?

Suppose you are going to an event on the other side of town. You have the street address, but don’t know exactly where the place is. 181 more words


How Mobile And Social Feeds Government's Appetite For Innovation

Editor’s note: Anne Altman is the general manager of IBM U.S. Federal and Government Industries.

Applications that simply deliver information can be useful, but government agencies are now pushing user engagement to new heights.  839 more words


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A unique high-tech treasure hunt that transforms any location into an amazing race full of interaction and adventure. GPS-triggered challenges are issued to the teams in form of questions, clues, and pictures that they will work together to complete.  59 more words


Somebody's Watching You

Mobile tracking allows us to keep tabs on our homes and our children. Through our cell phones, we are notified if an intruder enters our home while we’re away or if there’s a fire. 308 more words

El dibujo animado que predijo los gadgets del siglo XXI

En las pantallas de los ochentas se daba un dibujo animado que predigo los gadgets del siglo XXI. Si no se te ocurre cuál es te voy a dar una pista: “Este mensaje se autodestruirá en 5, 4, 3, 2…” 159 more words


Don't mess with Texas...economically - Since start of Great Recession, Lone Star State created 500,000 more jobs than entire rest of the United States combined

Washington Examiner: The economic miracle in Texas continues.

Since the recession began in December 2007, 1.2 million net jobs have been created in Texas. Only 700,000 net jobs have been created in the other 49 states combined. 107 more words