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Madeleines - small batches of accomplishment

I use this Williams Sonoma recipe. I have found that extra lemon zest is never a bad thing in these little airy bites of deliciousness.

Easter, Belief in God after Sexual Abuse

I’ve realized I probably haven’t made it Clear that I believe Bible is Gods written word. I do believe it’s ancient book full of people’s stories. 959 more words

Grace And Mercy

What is Grace? Is it just a little prayer that we say before we eat? Is it something that is used to excuse the fact that we have done something wrong? 1,020 more words


April 21st ~ God Is Love

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Daily Devotional

Four Stages of Broken

In the course of my 40 years on the planet, there have been four stages in my understanding of God and self:

Stage One: I am a sinner and God is angry with me. 1,612 more words


Week 16: Goodness of the Week (40 Days of Self Care Concludes)

Self care is one of those buzzwords, like balance, that you hear about often but don’t necessarily know how it fits into everyday life.  It sounds good in theory, but reality may be a very different thing. 451 more words


Curses for Believers? Nah . . ..

Did you know that the Old Covenant Law is what brings curses? People who choose to live under the Law (by rejecting Jesus who fulfilled the  Law FOR them or by accepting Jesus but continuing to rely on the Law in a misguided attempt to EARN God’s approval and blessings) are putting THEMSELVES under the curse of the Law. 291 more words