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The Goodness of God

Hi all,

I’m currently reading a book titled “Grace; the Power of the Gospel. It is a blessing to me. While reading a part talking about what Jesus did for us made me think about a statement my god-daughter told me back in January concerning Beyonce. 937 more words


Are You In Turmoil Today?

At times the struggles and situations of life put you in a state of turmoil, and this can cause you to lose focus. Turmoil means, “a state of great disturbance, confusion, or uncertainty.” If you are in a state of turmoil, then your peace is topsy-turvy.  118 more words


Interpreting and Living Life Through Eyes of Grace and Truth

Strictly within our minds and hearts, how often do we look at people or observe situations and make assumptions about them based off of what they are wearing, how they are behaving, or what they are saying? 1,051 more words

Grace And Mercy

Mercy and Grace

Mercy is not getting what you deserve. You deserve a life sentence, but the Judge lets you go free. Grace is getting what you don’t deserve – getting a huge blessing when you deserve nothing. 59 more words



Its really sad when you think about it. The state of where we find ourselves is atrocious. I truly can’t find the proper word to describe the human race, a word that sums up the depth of our grossness but also taking into account the hope that still lies within each individual. 647 more words


The psalmist says,

“But the Lord abides forever.” Psalm 9: 7

This is as sure a statement you will ever hear. There is no could abide, should abide, or might abide forever.

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