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Grace Lee Boggs

Just finished up watching a PBS program POV – specific title is American Revolutionary: Grace Lee Boggs. More here –Ā http://americanrevolutionaryfilm.com/about-the-film/

Slow moving but nicely done. 215 more words


Watch this. On the journey of Grace Lee Boggs | American Revolutionary: pbs.org/pov/americanreā€¦
saima akhtar (@saimajakhtar) July 18, 2014


Detroit and you - where progressive change happens

“We will fight, and we will win!”
– Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), July 18, 2014

Fighting the tyranny of an oligarchy that withholds the existential needs of its people in an effort to subjugate them is the act of a rebel.

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Grace Lee Boggs: American Revolutionary

Documentary: http://www.pbs.org/pov/americanrevolutionary/full.php#.U7gPGY2SxoH

Grace Lee Boggs. Before this year I had never heard of her. At this point in my life, I still cannot name several Asian American activists who I look to as role models. 446 more words