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Meditations Change Everything | Power of Kundalini Yoga

As it often happens, I’ve noticed, when you do a lot of Kundalini Yoga meditations it begins with me not noticing anything really changing. I do one for a week and I add another one. 326 more words

Kundalini Yoga

God wants you to make Heaven

While growing up, I lived in fear of making Heaven: “If the trumpet sounds now, will I make it?” I saw God like a neutral Being who didn’t care whether you come to Heaven or are banished to Hell for eternity. 297 more words


Abortion and Ethics

Dietrich Bonhoeffer said there can be no such thing as a “Christian ethic.” Sounds shocking, until you understand a bit of what he meant. He was speaking against ethics-as-rules, against the idea that we can create a rule book that covers every situation and defines what a good person will always do. 429 more words


The first time I really thought about this was in Wales, during an exercise. I was reminiscing how harsh the weather conditions had been the previous days. 431 more words

Grace is free, but not cheap!

What is God’s grace? What is cheap grace?

Grace is God’s unmerited favor: something that you receive without working for it; it is comparable to a gift. 545 more words


Don’t Lose Sight…

Don’t lose sight of what we are here to do.

Michael Jackson knew it, and he shared it in his music.

We are not here to fight one another and cause divide. 535 more words


The Hearts of Men is Dan Allender's Focus

Guess what Dan Allender throws at you here:  God, too is focused on the Hearts of Men and He is coming after you!    His coming is good and gracious.   Believe it!   Believe Allender.