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Law Man: Jefferson Airplane vs Royal Trux

Snagged a German edition of the JA’s, Bark, on which Law Man resides. Even for the Airplane, it’s an odd collection. As Lester Bangs noted: “…it’ll getcha there on time just like an amyl nitrate TV Dinner garnished this time with a little Valium.”. 358 more words


Grace Slick

A tribute to my ultimate woman crush Grace Slick.

Notorious for being a total badass and the front-woman for 1960s psychedelic rock group Jefferson Airplane, she is definitely the… 138 more words


Happy birthday, Grace

Grace Slick, a spectacularly beautiful woman with a voice to match, had a milestone birthday a couple of days ago, and it brought back some vivid memories of the only time I saw her in concert. 1,098 more words

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Weekly Birthday Round-Up

Earlier this month I celebrated my birthday. The big FOUR-OH. I’m lucky. People usually think I’m younger, which is obviously quite flattering – although occasionally it’s annoying as I’d like to be thought of as a sophisticated and serious professional. 760 more words

Friday Freak Flag Flying ~ "Today" ~ Jefferson Airplane.

God I still get chills hearing this fantastically beautiful song. Marty Balin’s vocals cut straight through your heart, the instrumentation almost haunting.

Frank Sinatra said he thought “Something” was the best love song ever written, truth be told if “Today” had gotten the airplay it deserved from its 67′ release I think the Marty Balin & Paul Kanter composition might have been reconsidered. 332 more words


Happy Birthday Grace Slick- A tiny fairy tale

   This is the first in a series of true rock and roll mini-stories that will be inspiration for my next book.
 The only reason we ever started hanging outside the back stage door for every show that came in to town was to figure out how to meet bands for the next time Queen came to town. 1,682 more words
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