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Go Ask Alice... When She's 10ft Tall

How does that 60’s song go? “And the pills that mother gives you don’t do anything at all.” How appropriate and I’d add… One pill makes me tired and one turns my urine neon red… One pill makes me listless with no energy at all. 88 more words

This Too Will Pass

The Albums That Shaped Me: DREAMS

Year of Release: 1980
Year it Came Into My Life: 1980

“El Diablo”
“Face to the Wind”
“Angel of Night”
“Seasons” 593 more words

My Most Important Albums

Turntable Tuesday Video: 'We Built This City' By Starship

First there was Jefferson Airplane, which then became Jefferson Starship, which eventually became just Starship.

While all these groups were a continuation of sorts of each other, by the time they became just Starship, musically the group had really changed! 99 more words


Law Man: Jefferson Airplane vs Royal Trux

Snagged a German edition of the JA’s, Bark, on which Law Man resides. Even for the Airplane, it’s an odd collection. As Lester Bangs noted: “…it’ll getcha there on time just like an amyl nitrate TV Dinner garnished this time with a little Valium.”. 358 more words


Grace Slick

A tribute to my ultimate woman crush Grace Slick.

Notorious for being a total badass and the front-woman for 1960s psychedelic rock group Jefferson Airplane, she is definitely the… 138 more words