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Love is grace and hell

People talk pretty to me and ask “what do you believe -grace or hell, grace or hell?” 

Why have all our religions boiled down to this -massive grace or violent hell? 160 more words


friendly reminder: we were made by love, for love, and in the image of love.

Ah yes, a friendly reminder indeed that rings true to those too who despise me. And those who judge me, think I am wrong, provoke me. 558 more words


It's not just a lump of wood!

This is a picture of a lump of wood. I know this isn’t the most exciting blog introduction you will ever read but bear with me. 552 more words


Through it all God's grace and love is there.

God bless you,

This morning i Just want to say that no matter what happens; if you are in pain and alone, hurting or you are rejoicing and people just can rejoice with you because you went through the worst season of your life to get where you are right now. 129 more words

Daily Word

You provide the fire and ill provide the faith

Fill me up God
Fill me up God
Fill me up God

we all face times in our life when it feels like God isn’t there , he doesn’t care , then the devil attacks to make you think negatively about God when the fact is the whole time God is there God is Loving you , God is pouring his grace down upon your life at that very moment Jesus is saying to you as he dies upon the cross he says ” Forgive them father ” he loves us more than we could ever fathom , he paid for our lives with his how could anyone turn away from that . 98 more words

We Are Not Alone

I was only 14 when I admitted the temptation that haunted me day and night to my health teacher. Her response horrified me. Threats to tell my parents, blackmailing, controlling…I ran away and buried the truth in a pile of lies in order to convince her I was okay. 576 more words