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The new home

“Time to get up.”    

“ No!!! I don’t want to. I’m staying in bed and I am staying here!”

“ You will have to get up. 197 more words


Overlooking an Offense

Offense can be described as “the act of provoking, annoying, irritating, or causing pain or injury.” It is also related to the feeling that an offense can create, such as, indignation, resentment, or anger. 337 more words

Authentic Relationships

Ten Marks of a Healthy Church

I believe a healthy church begins with a clear understanding of its mission. Jesus said, “Go and make disicples.” This means they have an outward focus. 920 more words

Authentic Relationships

Growing Older

It is not uncommon to hear someone say, “I am getting old,” especially when they had forgotten something. My friends would often joke about what would happen when they grow older and I would hear them say, “Next time we will be bickering about who left behind what and where and whose fault it was.” This seems to be a universal understanding or acceptance where being forgetful is part and parcel of growing older. 722 more words

Learning Journey

Oneness aka The All

We are the All, each of us a point of light simultaneously interconnected with every other. Blogging is an act of sharing, of reaching out electronically to family, friends and every internet surfer out there who may stumble upon your stuff and recognize a little piece of themselves in what you write. 502 more words

My World

"I Want to Be Like Her."

Take a moment to imagine this scenario with me. A woman is watching another woman who seems to have it all and she whispers, “I want to be like her.” 436 more words

Embracing Presence