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The Good Life

In my class the other week I was asked, “From the “Sermon on the Mount” (Matthew Chapters 5-7). What is a verse or two that you believe are particularly relevant to the 21st Century church?” Here is my answer…. 554 more words

Why I'm (Sometimes) a Giant Dork

For the most part I like to think that I’m at least somewhat normal. I like to hang out with my family and friends, read books, write A LOT, watch too much TV, etc. 376 more words

All About Me


On August 2 I’m leaving Salem and moving to Pasadena. Maybe if I say it a few more times it will feel real. Grad school has been such a nebulous, distant idea for so long that even now, less than two weeks out, it doesn’t seem like something that is actually happening. 559 more words

Grad School

Grad student scratch

I am typing this after packing an overnight kit, feeding the cats, and deciding which pair of pajamas is the least visibly linty.  In about 90 minutes, a pair of technicians will be applying electrodes to my scalp and I will begin the first of two to three sleep studies, in which I will drift soundly and peacefully to sleep knowing that the room is bugged and every movement is being recorded. 482 more words

Light Wallet Week

Writing Takes Time

Writing takes time. I think that this is something that I’ve known. One of those “understoods” that can unfortunately not mean as much as in the abstract. 1,471 more words

Latitudes, Attitudes

Please don’t sue me, Mr. Buffett. The series we just wrapped up was a little intense, so I’m going to dial back on the emotional investment and length for a little bit. 681 more words