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Everybody Wants Me

I got accepted into graduate school! Four applications sent out, four acceptances! I can’t believe it, especially after getting rejected last year. It’s just… surreal. 254 more words



Spring 2014 marks the end of my Undergraduate career studying Speech-Language Pathology.  Naturally, this has led to the intense game we play concerning “getting into GradSchool”.   179 more words

Grad School

Statement of Purpose for Graduate Admissions

I have come to believe that everything in life happens for a reason and that one can find meaning in even the bleakest, most painful of life experiences. 1,639 more words


Usability Session - 4/18/2014

Usability Session 

Rose’s -(Landing page/homepage, Not a lot of text within the application makes it easy to flow through, Susie, That susie is on every page, Susie’s “helping context”, “My favorite cookie is chocolate chip, what’s yours?, Love the girlscout cookie image on homepage, Susie relates back to the girl scouts, progress tracker(dots), cookie building experience, like questions 1-5, Like the fact that it asks if you have allergies or dietary restrictions, like that susie states the allergy questions have two parts, results, like that you can see history of cookie, like that you can read nutrition facts of cookie, results is easy to figure out, start over button.) 451 more words


I haven’t slept well this week. Lots of middle-of-the-night wakeups, for various reasons. Wind, rain, heat pipes being loud, needing to pee, etc. I’ve seen a lot of low-single-digit times on my bedside clock. 195 more words

A New City

About a month ago, I decided that I would attend grad school at the University of Pittsburgh in PA! Since I’d never been to Pennsylvania, my parents and I realized we needed to see the city before I move and start school in June. 111 more words


20 Signs You're A Struggling Young "Professional" — Emphasis On Struggling

1. You don’t own a bed frame.

2. You desperately wish your liberal arts college taught you how to do your taxes instead of how to interpret every literary character as gay. 253 more words