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Plight of the maximizer

How is it possible that having more free time is making me feel more stressed?  L is starting law school and nary a bead of a sweat can be seen on his eyebrow.   147 more words

Grad School

Home Tour: Grad Student Style

On some of the blogs I read, I’ve seen a number of home tours. Essentially home tours are virtual walkthroughs of someone’s living space. They’re intended to inspire and share readers to do the same. 151 more words

Just a thought

This is the first week of classes, so I have not been posting as much. Here is an insight I just wrote on the side of my notes. 46 more words

It's the writing that teaches you: affordable writing resources for grad students

“It’s the writing that teaches you.” ~ Isaac Asimov

For the sake of transparency, let me be clear: I’m making three assumptions about you as a grad student. 802 more words


You Can Take The Girl Out Of The Ghetto

Ever since I started college in the city I’ve always lived in seedier parts of town. From living in the condo complex behind the heroin riddled Taco Bell to the quiet house with gangs that break into your car and leave your stuff at the scene of a homicide (true story).  512 more words


Where To Start

I guess this is where we awkwardly go around in a circle and share our name and a random fact about ourselves in hopes that some sort of bond will form. 167 more words


From the train

I feel like a reporter right now but I just came up with a new series: From the train.
This is mostly for my family and friends that I won’t see daily or even weekly to update them on random mishaps, adventures of my graduate career. 388 more words

School Days