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The GRE is COMPLETE!! (and other general life updates)

Well hello everyone. I’m back after a temporary hiatus, a little less neurotic and a little more prepared for the future.

I took the GRE on Thursday and I’m hopefully done with standardized tests FOREVER. 293 more words


In the 25th year (as typed on my phone on my break... four days ago)

My favorite color is green, and for all of my life, that was my opener when someone would ask me to talk about myself. Now, I open with, “I’m a writer” and that’s really cool. 473 more words

Big Changes

The count down has officially begun, I have only 11 more days in the city I’ve called home for the last 4 years!! My immigration documents have all been submitted and tuition has been paid…the last order of business to worry about is my upcoming anatomy/physiology final. 559 more words

Med School

Where did July go?!

I’m really not sure what part of me thought “not having wifi” was going to be “relaxing” but that ended REAL FAST. After talking over the different options with my local Carphone Warehouse worker (ok, but seriously re-name your store…its not 1996) I decided to invest in a little hotspot to solve all of my internet woes! 1,313 more words

Grad School

As most know I am in grad school for my Masters in Counseling Psychology. I have achieved my AS and BS (obviously lol). What you may NOT know is that at under graduate levels in an online setting, like what I have chosen, a full-time student is someone who takes 2 classes a term which, depending on the school ranges from 8-15 weeks a term. 319 more words

My Personal Journey

Student-Supervisor Knowledge Levels

So last week I went to a talk on preparing for your defense (even though I’m not quite there yet). I figure it wouldn’t hurt to get some extra advice in advance, and to start mentally preparing myself for the defense. 405 more words


I See the Light...

But unfortunately the fog of tests has not lifted. This post is to celebrate two weeks left of this summer session. One week of class left and then it’s on to finals. 601 more words