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Embryology to Pathology

We just had a big project for our “visual learning and visual thinking” class. We were asked to plan an interactive application to teach first-year medical (M1) students about a specific embryological anomaly. 1,004 more words


The Universe in a Glass of Wine

Above: the remnants of fraternizing with FC17 (secret code for the Master’s program that began in September).

Say the word “Physics” and it brings back some very scary moments of my first year of high school thinking I would legitimately fail a test on waves or motion or similarly vague concepts that I never quite understood. 413 more words


Talking about racism in therapy

The course I hated most in grad school was taught by a professor who said, “If your clients talk about the outside circumstances that keep them down and make their lives horrible, about how they’re so hard done by, they can’t ever take responsibility for their own lives.”  It was supposed to be a course on marriage and family therapy, which is a topic I love a lot on its own; but most of what I learned was about the use of institutional power, from a rich moderate liberal white guy who thought that talking about inequality of any kind was… 1,484 more words


Too much to blog

The reason why I haven’t been blogging much lately, is that there is so much to blog about, that I cannot seem to find the time to actually blog about it … So here is a list of ongoing projects that have expanded to fill all available time: 456 more words



11/17 – Ok, I am BACK and have a smile on my face!  I am still extremely frustrated with a lot of things in my life that are going on and I am disappointed in myself for the situation I am in…being behind with my curriculum and my grad school work….BUT I am here to write another day! 853 more words

International Potluck Dinner Dec 4th

The International Potluck Dinner is open to all grad students, post docs, and their families. This event promises to be a great time to get to know your fellow trainees and have a good time! 11 more words

Informational Flyer

Letters and Grad Schools and Time, Oh My!

First of all, THANK YOU FOR CONTINUING TO READ!!! <3 <3 <3 I know I have been gone for a LONG time, but my time has been consumed by something I'd like to call graduate school applications. 193 more words