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Finding the Right Mentor - and Getting the Most from Working with Him/Her

Q: What advice would you give to graduate students about identifying mentors and making the most of those experiences?

I am fortunate to have a terrific colleague who studies mentoring issues in graduate education, Jessica Collett. 720 more words

Grad Students

I feel like a broken record

Recently (with a very loose definition of recently), I feel like a broken record when I talk about my life. It feels like it can be summed up with only a few words: tired, meetings, stress, research, start-up. 459 more words


The field ecology of a gut microbe inside bullet ants

This is the latest paper from my lab, which I’m really excited about. When we designed the project, several people told us that it would be useless. 903 more words

Christina Vanderwel to present next Wednesday

The next speaker in our student seminar series will be Christina Vanderwel. Christina will be giving a talk titled “Measurements of the turbulent dispersion of a passive scalar plume in turbulent shear flow”. 194 more words

Seminar Announcement

Foucault on Parenthood and Power!

Foucault on Parenthood and Power!! Read excerpt below


This interview is a really good and clear explanation of power, very conversational. check it out here: 282 more words

Javad Fattahi gave his Ph.D. thesis seminar

Yesterday, Javad Fattahi gave his thesis seminar (in the picture below, Javad beside his seminar’s opening slide).

Seminar Announcement

Student Group Elections

It’s that time of the year here, when all the student groups (or at least the ones I have a modicum of interaction with) have their elections. 328 more words