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National Science Museum, Bangkok

I had been looking for a fun day out for my class, and stumbled onto a review for this place. If you happen to be a teacher in Bangkok and need somewhere to take your kids I can heartily recommend it. 207 more words

First Grade

A Bird and Fish Sanctuary in the Water Closet


The Bantu story, Why The Tides Ebb and Flow, as told by Marylyn Peringer, introduced remarkable creatures, plants and life cycles. Grade 1 students chose a number of species of birds, turtles, water plants, fish and a whirlpool to showcase in a small space. 28 more words

Hold Up The Sky

Artist Eric Carle Technique

Kids learnt about the different body parts of the insects. They sketched the insects in their book of insects and coloured and labelled the body parts… 26 more words


Idea 145: Make A Snake

Requires one piece of A4 paper. Fold the paper in half lengthways, then cut it, leaving only maybe an inch or two connecting the middle. 79 more words


Idea 144: Backward Names

This is a REALLY easy idea for phonics that kids universally seem to love to do. Write out their names backwards on the board and then say them. 32 more words


Still using timed tests to assess fact fluency?

Watch this interview with Dr. Jennifer Bay Williams and Gina Kling to hear a research-based discussion of why we need to replace this practice with a focus on strategies.

Grade 3

Butterfly fly away...

Hey Guys!

In the early days of Grade 1, I read Eric Carl’s well-known story: The Very Hungry Caterpillar, to introduce the Life Cycle subject, in our Science class. 369 more words