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Let's Do Lunch

Today has been one of those kind of… icky… days, weather-wise. It’s not raining hard enough to justify an indoor lunch recess, but it’s just wet enough to make the idea of “fresh air” rather unappetizing. 111 more words

Library Studies

What do you do when you finish a test?

Student finishes math test early and decides to read the comics!

Grade 4

MS Read-A-Thon

Our theme is: “Solving the mystery of the disease, one book at a time!”

St.Edmund staff chose their favourite book and hid behind it! Students try and guess which teacher is hiding behind which book!

Grade 4

Describing Transformations

Learning Goals

The students will …

  • move an object on a grid and describe precisely how they moved it using transformational language (Content)
  • communicate using language of transformational geometry (Process)
  • 20 more words
3-Part Lesson Plans

Collaboration: Grade 4: Body Systems Circus

Grade 12 created a fantastic Body Circus that included 4 stations:

S1: Real Animal Lung that students could manipulate to see how gas expands the lungs. 124 more words

Hey grade 4s

As we continue with geometry, we will also discuss triangles. Triangles are amazing shapes and they are very important in our lives. We use them all the time in everything from food, to buildings, to ice cream :) As we learn about triangles it’s also important that we are able to classify them. 183 more words

Empowered Learners!

Congratulations on completing your SLCs, 4C! Make sure you review your goals for the rest of the year by analysing how you have been doing on your Weekly Goals Update sheet. 68 more words

Grade 4