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A journey

From one miracle

To another

When body ushers in


To preserve love within fiber

Until the call of fate

Summons her ovulation

In a beautiful heartbeat


Black to Purple Gradient & Stamping

Hey all! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Everyone ready? Don’t know how it happened, but I have the entire weekend off. For the first time since I’ve started working, I have the entire Thanksgiving weekend off. 119 more words


Glitter Gradient with Julep Sugar Plum Duo - Ruth and Padma

Hi everyone! I’m back with some nail art! But first I have a short announcement: I’m going on vacation! For the winter holidays, I’m going to be visiting my darling boyfriend’s family in “Sin City” and, since I will be busy during that time, I will not be doing any nail art for a few weeks. 779 more words

Nail Art


Where the past undulates to the future 

Where no two points are identical

Prima ballerina of nature

In a water ballet of flow and ebb  42 more words


A Verse On Procreation

…And the bud opened

For the magical portion of love to be spewed

In a single act of pollination

Where karma crashed against kismet

To hatch the beauty

Of serendipity………