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Black to Purple Gradient & Stamping

Hey all! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Everyone ready? Don’t know how it happened, but I have the entire weekend off. For the first time since I’ve started working, I have the entire Thanksgiving weekend off. 119 more words


[VSAR 316] Vector Fruits and BEANS

Here are some more Illustrator exercises in which I created FRUITS!


Creating these fruits were actually quite a pain to me. It’s not so much creating the shape, but adding the shading using meshes. 87 more words

School Stuff

I don't forget my promises!

I know I know… it’s been two months, where the hell have I been!? I can actually sum that up in as little as one word: SCHOOL. 1,015 more words


[VSAR 316] Bubbles and Hills

Here’s another Illustrator exercise! This exercise was all about using rays, gradients, and rolling meshes

My professor had us create a scene that featured hills and bubbles. 96 more words

School Stuff

Beginning Web Development : Inline Styles and Gradients

In all the books I have read about web design/development most of the authors say something along the lines of “HTML is the workhorse of the internet.”  While this is true, for very basic sites, CSS is the workhorse for design.  846 more words


Notes on gradients

Linear polynomials, i.e. functions of the form , where and are real numbers, are the only1 real-valued functions on with the property that

has a common value (namely, ) for every pair of real numbers and . 934 more words