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Introduction to Color in Digital Filmmaking

Color is a natural everyday experience – but how do you use color to advance your film? We’ll start by looking at how filmmakers in the late 90s began exploring creative uses of color. 50 more words

Post Production

Professional Learning: Grading

“Grading takes away the fun of failing.”

This is a quote from a TED talk that I listened to this morning.  Most of the talk wasn’t about grading or even K-12 education, but this comment really stuck with me.   56 more words


The First Day of School

Two weeks and the students will be walking through the doors of the school, down the hall, and into my classroom.  I have some work to get done before I am ready, but I have started working on my welcome letter and syllabi. 240 more words


Musō Jikiden Eishin-Ryū Iaido

The style of Iaido I practice is called Musō Jikiden Eishin-Ryū Iaido, hereinafter referred to as MJER Iai. MJER Iai is a globally practised school of Iaido. 711 more words

Martial Arts

[M.M.X.I.V. 198] Grading without a pen

As I have mentioned before, wearing a cast has essentially disabled me from writing.  So, I have become much more reliant on the computer and typing these last few days.   123 more words


More Transparency = More Motivation?

Maaaaaaarrriiieeee, live!

After a short introduction she presented us an app/tool which is called TeacherTool (iOS only). It is basically a tool to manage your whole teacher life like giving grades and have an overview over the class. 27 more words