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Does England have the solution to the grade-inflation problem?

At the beginning of this school year, Princeton University changed its contentious grading policy. The university had previously limited the number of students who could receive A grades, but rescinded this for a variety of reasons, including fears that the lower GPAs disadvantaged Princeton students on the job market and discouraged the top students from applying to the university in the first place. 693 more words

Being Put Through My Paces

A meeting is scheduled.  With The Boy’s teachers.  Not yet an official IEP meeting, just an I’m-so-sick-of-you-not-knowing-what-you’re-doing meeting.  Nah, I won’t really say that.  But I do have dreams, yes DREAMS about running an inservice, actual PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT for these teachers, and not just about how to effectively approach a student and his/her IEP, but about basic things like GRADING and ASSESSMENTS. 303 more words

Special Needs Parenting

Asian sadists at the mall

I got my ass kicked by an Asian sadist on Sunday….and I paid for it. Let me explain. I woke up hungover on Sunday morning. I hadn’t intended to go out Saturday, but a couple of beers and dinner turned into enough beers that I had to abandon my car across town and walk home in the cold at midnight. 1,124 more words


Can grading essays really be fun?

If you are among the many EDWP instructors readying to collect your second major writing assignment, you may find Brian Martin’s thoughts about “Marking essays” 42 more words

Making the Grade

Two people spoke during public comments at the last school board meeting, and one of them wasn’t me!  A recent graduate of Fluvanna came home from college just to address the Board that night (her mom told me), because she so strongly disagrees with one of the grading practices put in place by the Fluvanna curriculum and instruction team. 356 more words


Climb that mountain of ungraded papers with confidence... and smart skills!

Grading papers sucks.

There. I said it.

Most of us got into our profession because we love teaching. When we design courses and lessons, when we interact with our classes in discussion, when we see the look of wonder on our students’ faces at the moment of significant learning, we feel a charge of accomplishment and authentic meaning. 2,345 more words


Quiz & Grading Scheme

Next week (Oct. 27),  we will have an open-book quiz covering the first three chapters.  You can download those lecture slides now.

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Automatic Measuring Instruments And Devices