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Grading Plans

Grading Plans are essential to the start of the project. These plans include topography lines for the original and proposed contours. A contractor can then take these plans once they have been completed and do the grading and excavation for the site. 31 more words

Cut And Fill

Every Time A Student Complains About Their Grade

Every time a student complains about their grade via email, my tiny bat like brain does the following things:

First reaction:


Second reaction:

source… 350 more words

What?! People Go Out On Thursdays?

So, a few weeks ago, one of my professors in the college of education asked me to write a guest post for a new blog that caters toward Middle/Secondary Education peeps, run by a former classmate of mine. 1,700 more words


The Life of the Mind(-Numbing Boredom)

The professor’s job is one of constant intellectual stimulation, right? While the worker-drones populating most of society stare bleakly into spreadsheets all day, professors live in perpetual cerebral excitement as they research and teach the subjects that fascinate them—don’t they? 453 more words

Specifications Grading: Final(?) Thoughts

I have really enjoyed our discussions of Specifications Grading. I have learned a lot from it, and I have enjoyed the conversations (which I will continue to engage in). 973 more words

The Difference Between Right and Wrong

Last year an engineer received an important assignment. The project was to build a bridge.  He put in hours of time–even more than his boss required. 896 more words


Empty tank

My therapist uses a metaphor of a tank to describe my capacity to deal with things. Right now my tank is about at empty. And when it is empty, every tiny setback or even just change feels like a reason to blot yourself out of existence. 688 more words

Anxiety And Depression