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Grading and wine...or is it grading and whine?

My students are driving me to drink. I put off more of the grading for the final exams than I’d have liked for today so my pile was looking rather ominous. 713 more words


Better Assessment

Yesterday’s chat was our second on how to grade publications classes. Just as it did last year, the topic brought with it lots of questions and lots of ideas. 97 more words


Grades published July 2014

Well done, all, for a good showing! Below are the BCF ranks, hopefully a later edit to have a link for the club in the official register. 58 more words

Come ##%Q! or High Water! Flood proofing 101 & Emergency Preparedness

After last year’s devastating floods in Alberta, Calgarians adapted the saucy saying as the unofficial tag line of the 2013 Calgary Stampede. We all know that the changing seasons can bring unstable weather conditions. 781 more words

Grade Translation for the Proficiency Based Classroom

I wish we didn’t have grades at our district.  But we do.  If you have to give grades based on a traditional grading scale, you STILL can do proficiency based grading.  662 more words


Proficiency Level Goals for World Language Classes

As I began researching and learning more about standards based learning, I discovered a lot of great resources on the Creative Language Class blog.  One of the most helpful in the initial stages of developing my “grading policy” was the… 403 more words


Gee, that's wicked!

Have you ever encountered a problem so hard to solve, you might call it “wicked?”

Wicked problems are issues that are extremely difficult to solve because of the complex environments in which they arise. 938 more words

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