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Full Speed Ahead

Okay, okay my fellow readers I regretfully admit, that I, the ‘Petite’ in Portland have done one heck of a lazy job at trying to keep up with these postings.   1,109 more words


Emotional and Mental Health as a Current Graduate Student of Color.

I just got through writing a draft of the Results Section in my dissertation. It took me a whole year. Yes, a whole year. During that time I have gone through dealing with my mother’s illnesses (as I’ve stated before), my own depression and replaying events from the day and past years in my head over and over again. 851 more words


3 Things I learnt from my professor

At the end of this month, my final thesis presentation is going to be held. And, my master student life will finally end.

There are 3 things I learnt from my professor along my 2 years struggling.  173 more words


You just created an alternate timeline

Making decisions is not something I struggle with. When it comes to paying rent or buying killer heels, I pay the rent. If it’s down to buying groceries or jetting off for a mini-vacation, I buy the groceries. 421 more words

I hate change.

I hate change so much I’ve had the same haircut since 1997 (#LHDC).

I hate change so much the Shawarma place I get my take out from knows my order without asking, and they even got me a Christmas present last year because I go there so much. 302 more words

Midnight Mission

Yesterday I wrote about my adventure of location scouting on Skid Row. Really, though, that was the first part of a multi-part story that I think I might still be in the middle of experiencing. 428 more words

Life In California

Skid Row

The name of the game for this week has been Location Scouting, for myself, the Director, and the AD of the project that I am currently working on. 589 more words

Life In California