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The Streak

I’ve been on a pretty good writing streak lately- nearly a week now without missing a post. I realized this earlier today when I was looking at my progress chart. 371 more words

Graduate Life

Coffee shop rambling

I’m in the back of a coffee shop on a dreary day, off on a weekday afternoon due to an awkwardly timed emergency eye appointment (don’t worry, it wasn’t as serious as I thought, just a small corneal scratch). 587 more words

The Person With The Van

I’m in the habit of getting up pretty early every day: the Curmudgeonly Lion begins work at 7:30am and I usually get up with him in order to make him a lunch and to see him out the door.  482 more words

Graduate Life


It’s another production weekend. Another night to be spent creating a dystopian, cyberpunk future.

Our first set of dailies was well received when we screened them for the class. 379 more words

Graduate Life

Picture This

One of the classes that I find myself bemoaning the most is a class called “Visual Expressions” or, in the USC shorthand “506″. It’s a great class and I’ve learned a lot, and it has one major assignment: a photo notebook of seventy eight photographs illustrating the various concepts discussed in the lectures. 471 more words

Graduate Life

18 Things Students Say That Annoy Graduates

- Published on The Daily Touch 31/03/14.

Your student days are likely to be some of the best of your life.

However, once you’ve left the university bubble and real life begins, you’ll find yourself irritated and maybe ever so slightly resentful of all the students still living the dream. 489 more words

Graduate Life

Home Is Where the Tart Is.

I’m currently on day number 2 of my Easter Holidays back in my hometown of Kingston Upon-Thames, a quite frankly delightful little suburb of London that I spent 18 years of my life resenting and trying to claw my way out of. 804 more words