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Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships Program for Study in Canada's Universities

If you would like to study in Canada’s Universities, Canada and pursue Full Time Graduate Program in social sciences and/or humanities, natural sciences and/or engineering and health you can avail Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships Program which is being offered by Government of…, http://www.scholarshipstimes.com/2014/07/21/vanier-canada-graduate-scholarships-program-for-study-in-canadas-universities/

2 months: now I can count down till the big move

(Bologna, Italy. Jan. 2014, backpacking alone through Europe on search for the perfect graduate school, and meeting as many amazing people as possible. This shot was taken on a walk toward Piazza Maggiore, to meet an old friend.) 332 more words

I've got a place to stay!


I have an address – nearby the River Soar! Grad school is starting to feel much more fleshed out. Especially looking at the 5 pages of “recommended” books the program suggests I start reading now to get a head start. Ahhhh… So excited!


An overdue beginning

At the beginning of this year I became “a grad.” Much like a first year university student we think we’ve entered “the real world” and many can be identified based on their heightened sense of self-importance… Now not to burst their bubble (or the bubble of the final year university students who are hanging out to finally become a grad), but lets face it being a graduate is returning to the bottom of the food chain again. 252 more words

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